Do It Yourself Yoga Program

(Suggested Time: 1 Hour)

Vydya Health recognizes and thanks Dr Srikrishna Chandaka for sharing this one hour Yoga Program that you can practice at your own place.

  1. Om Prayer, 3 times
  2. Suryanamaskaras (Sun salutations)
    Benefits: Tones up the whole body and gives it a good exercise. Aids in proper functioning and helps remove impurities.  Enhances growth and helps in developing a harmonious body and mind.  Also helps control diabetes, asthma, indigestion and constipation.
  3. Savasana (Corpse pose)
    In this asana one lies like a corpse so it is named as savasana.Benefits: It is one of the best postures for relaxation.
  4. Pavanamuktasana (Air release)
    The pressure on the abdomen releases any trapped gases in the large intestine, hence the name.Benefits: Blood circulation is increased to all the internal organs. Digestive system is improved and it relieves constipation.
  5. Sethubandasana (Bridge posture)
    This posture resembles bridge so it is called Sethubandasana.Benefits: It helps with all low back problems. It stimulates thyroid gland, streamlines menstruation cycle problems and gives strength to the pelvic region. It helps in easy delivery.
  6. Navasana (Boat pose)
    It resembles a boat, so called navasana.Benefits: Strengthens hips, thighs and abdominal muscles. Develops focus and concentration. Improves balance and coordination. Improves digestion.
  7. Dhanurasana (Bow pose)
    While practicing this asana it resembles a bow, hence it is named as Dhanurasana.Benefits: It massages liver, abdominal organs and muscles. It tones pancreas and adrenal glands. It reduces excess fat in the abdominal area. It helps with hunchback, spondilytis and low back pain.
  8. Makarasana (Crocodile posture)
    In this asana one lies like a crocodile so it is named as Makarasana.Benefits: This is the relaxation posture for those who are suffering with low back pain, slipped disc, sciatica etc.
  9. Vajrasana (Diamond posture)
    This stimulates the vajra nadi and helps awaken kundalini and hence called Vajrasana.Benefits: It improves digestive capacity; even after meals it can be practiced. This is one of the best meditation postures. It makes the body very strong.
  10. Shasankasana (Rabbit posture)
    This posture resembles a rabbit and ones face shines like moon, hence it is called as Shashankasana.Benefits: It stimulates digestive system. It activates the adrenal glands which are responsible for all the emotions and cures asthma. It gives good blood supply to the cheeks, so the face glows
  11. Ustrasana (Camel posture)
    This asana gives strength like a camel which can sustain odd climates hence it is called Ustrasana.Benefits: It prevents hunch back, frozen shoulders. It gives strength to the pelvic region. This is the best posture for women to overcome all the reproductive problems. It also helps pregnant women.
  12. Veerabhadrasana (Warrior posture)
    The asana is like a warrior.Benefits:  Strengthens shoulders, arms, thighs, ankles and the muscles of back. Develops stamina and endurance in thighs and core muscles. Stimulates abdominal organs and digestion.
  13. Trikonasana (Triangle posture)
    This posture resembles a triangle, therefore it is known as Trikonasana.Benefits: It is a nice asana for the proper growth of children. It gives lot of strength to the legs and pelvic region. It gives strength to the trunk and rib cage. It is good for diabetics.
  14. Vrikshasana (Tree posture)
    This posture resembles a tree and hence the name.Benefits: Improves balance and concentration. It strengthens the body muscles.
  15. Yogamudrasana (Yogic gesture)
    Benefits: It dispels many physical disorders, in particular diseases relating to spleen, liver and lungs as it improves their functions.
  16. Bhramari Pranayam
    Benefits: Relieves cerebral tension; removes anger, anxiety and frustration; and reduces blood pressure. Eliminates throat ailments; strengthens and improves the voice.
  17. Om Prayer, 3 times

Credits to: 

Dr Sri Krishna Chandaka M.D.(AM) Ph.D.
Director, Society for Yoga Education & Research
Visakhapatnam, India
[email protected]