It is said to be the king of all asanas.


  1. Sit in Vajrasana
  2. Bend forward to place both the forearms on the ground with fingers intertwined. Place the elbows in front of the knees
  3. Lift the knees off the ground and raise the buttocks until the legs are straight
  4. Place the front portion of the head (forehead) between the cup shaped intertwined palms
  5. Slowly bring the legs towards the trunk and allow the knees to bend so that the back is upright. The thighs are to be pressed against the abdomen and then lower the chest
  6. Slowly transfer the weight of the body from the toes on to the head and arms
  7. Raise a few inches off the ground and balance on the head and arms. When balanced, raise the straightened hips so that the thighs move up and away from the torso
  8. Straighten the legs. The body should be perfectly in a straight line in the final posture
  9. After staying in the final posture from one to five minutes, flex the knees and slide down in the reverse order slowly step by step
  10. Lie in Savasana for few seconds


It helps in making pure blood flow through the brain cells rejuvenating them. It ensures proper blood supply to the pituitary and pineal gland. One’s thinking power is enhanced and the thoughts become clear. It improves sleep and memory.