(Mountain/Palm Tree Posture)

Tada means mountain, and also palm tree. This posture indicates the straightness of a palm tree and the stability of a mountain . Therefore it is known as Tadasana.


  1. Stand in Sama Stithi. Sama Sthithi is standing straight with both the legs together and hands besides the body
  2. Slowly raise the hands from sides and join both palms
  3. Interlink the fingers and change the position of the palms towards the sky
  4. Raise the chin, look at the hands and lift the heels up
  5. Stay in that posture comfortably
  6. Gradually and slowly come back to Sama Stithi and relax

A) Parsva Tadasan: In Tadasan posture, while exhaling
slowly bend the body to one side and while inhaling return to
the original posture.

 B) Tiryak Tadasana: In Tadasana posture, twist the body slowly to one side while exhaling and slowly returned to the original posture while inhaling.


It helps to increase the height in children and improves the power of concentration. It straightens the hunchback and also deformities of shoulders, gives strength to the thighs and calf muscles.