(Cow face posture)
It looks like the face of a cow and so the asana is known as Gomukhasana.


  1. Sit in Samatala Stithi
  2. Right foot is kept by the side of the left thigh, left foot is kept by the side of the right thigh in such a way that the two knees are one above the other
  3. One of the hands is bent over the shoulder and the other hand is bent below in such a way the two palms are joined in a knot at the middle of the spine
  4. Breathing in the normal way, the posture is maintained as much time as possible in a comfortable state and then slowly returned to Samatala Stithi


Helps in curing constipation, piles, fistula etc. Helps in removing anomalies in shoulders and sets right hunch-back

Note: Meditation can be performed in this posture by keeping palms on the knees.