(Triangle Posture)

This posture resembles a triangle, therefore it is known as Trikonasana.


  1. Stand in Sama Stithi, stretch the feet as far as possible keeping them parallel to each other
  2. The hands are slowly raised to keep them parallel to the shoulders
  3. Looking at the right hand, right foot is turned right side
  4. Without bending the hands and trunk either forward or backward, bend only towards right side so as to keep the right palm on the right foot
  5. Slowly the head is turned upside to look at the left palm
  6. Remaining in the posture as long as possible and gradually, slowly come back to Sama Stithi and relax

Note: Repeat on second side


It aids in the proper growth of children. It gives lot of strength to the legs and pelvic region. It gives strength to the trunk and rib cage. It is helpful for controlling diabetes.