Chronic Constipation – Alternative Therapies

Constipation is very common discomfort every person experiences once in a while. But chronic Constipation or prolonged Constipation is an indication of something really not going well in the body’s digestive system or internal digestive organs. People generally use laxatives to enable loosening the motion and giving temporary relief to the person concerned; whereas Alternative Medical Services like Ayurveda; Naturopathy and Yoga can give best and complete relief from Constipation.

About Constipation:

Bowel cleaning should be a regular habit for cleansing the body from impurities and digested food. When this process is found difficult and when people find irregular bowel-movements; thick, dry and stiff motion; enormous straining is needed to let out stools, this state is popularly known as Constipation.

Although it looks simpler not to empty the bowel, the repercussions can be severe; and chronic Constipation causes many other troubles and diseases in people. Cancer; Appendicitis; arthritis; rheumatism; high blood pressure and Cataract are associated with chronic Constipation.


Modern life-styles are attributed to as the main-cause of many irregularities in the body-functioning from what it should be. Age is a factor of course for slow and irregular bowel movements. But children and kids are also affected by Constipation by their eating habits nowadays. Constipation in adults is caused by improper food habits; hurried food; junk food; pastries; cakes; sweets; preservative-added food items etc. medications and pills taken for pain-relief; less-consumption of water; hormonal disorders and a lot of other reasons including stress and worry can cause Constipation.


Infrequent and irregular bowel movements; great difficulty in evacuation of stools; lower abdominal discomfort; hard and small stools; diarrhea; loss of appetite; foul-breath; dizziness; headache; constant fullness in the abdomen; pimples on the face; acidity; heartburn and conditions like insomnia etc.


Constipation being a discomfort which can bring forth many illnesses, while laxatives may bring temporary relief but may not be ideal in the long run. Instead, there are efficient and effective Alternative Medical Practices, which completely eliminate the cause of Constipation and give soothing and permanent relief such as:


The Ayurvedic approach for giving treatment to patients depends upon individual body structure and the “doshas” inherent in that particular body. Accordingly, Constipation is categorized as “Vata” dosha which causes cold and dry qualities to the colon and affects its normal functioning.

So first the Vata dosha is offset by adding warmth, oil and hydration effect to the digestive system to bring it back to normal bowel movement. Drinking of warm or hot water in more quantities and herbal tea is specifically advised. The food habits are corrected to increase the intake of organic oils; plenty of fruits and fruit juices; taking milk added with ghee etc.

Along with changes in food habits, Vata pacifying herbs in traditional Ayurveda compositions like Triphala are prescribed. The Ayurvedic Practitioner is keen on strengthening the digestive organs and preventing recurrence of Constipation.


Yoga as a path of living healthy life comes in handy in curing many disorders the body is experiencing. The Yogasanas specifically prescribed for strengthening the muscles of the abdomen, pelvis area and anus are very effective in preventing and curing Constipation.

Specific Yoga Therapies are undertaken for a particular period for patients to get completely relieved from Constipation. The Yoga therapy consists of Pavanmuktasana; Uttanapadasana; Mayurasana, Sandipani in Sukhasana; Kapalbhati in Vajrasana; and Meditation in Sukhasana are some of the Yogic postures recommended to get relief from Constipation.


The basic principle of “Food is Medicine” is adhered in the case of Constipation also. Lots of natural ingredients form part of the patient’s food, such as green and leafy vegetables; selected fruits like figs, grapes, pears, papaya, gooseberries, guava and mango; milk products like cream; butter; ghee etc.  Regular drinking of water in bulk quantities is advised, hot-water with lime; water kept in copper vessel overnight are also recommended.

Along with food corrections, hot and cold bath; abdominal exercises; vibratory massage etc. are also used successfully to treat the patient. Complete life-style changes are advocated to avoid recurrence of Constipation.

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