One of the most-common medical disorders found in people is “food allergy”. Although it is very commonly found in children rather than in adults mostly, the repercussions may be severe if not attended and rectified the “causes” inherent. That said Alternative Health Practices can accomplish this elimination very effectively and at affordable cost.

About Food Allergies: Human body has its own immune system, to safeguard from outside perils and anti-bodies penetration. When you eat or drink something that does not go well with your digestive system, immediately the immune system reacts and shows the resistance, by way of allergic reactions.

In our daily food, there are more allergens that can trigger this abnormal reaction, yet as long as your digestion is good, you don’t get this food allergy.

Causes: The medical fraternity has not so far been able to establish the pin-pointed causes of common food allergies. However, in-depth Medical Researches and Studies have identified that only 8 food items are causing more than 90% of the common food allergies. They are – cow’s milk; eggs; peanuts; fish; shellfish; cashews and walnuts (tree-nuts); wheat and soy beans. The solace is not every one eating these food items get allergic reactions.

Symptoms: The patient shows up food allergy through various symptoms, varying from person to person. Commonly known symptoms may be, the skin getting affected and shown outside by rashes, itching, swelling or hives; gastrointestinal systems by nausea, indigestion, diarrhea, stomach pain and vomiting; respiratory organs by running nose; difficulty in breathing; wheezing and sneezing.

The symptoms may be severe in cardiovascular systems, such as obstructive swelling in throat; turning blue and drop in blood pressure or pulse etc.

Solutions: Finding out first what food item or items caused food allergy to a particular person is the prompt and effective solution for avoiding the same. Alternative Medical Practices like Ayurvedic, Homeopathy, Naturopathy have been found very effective and eliminating the basic-root cause of the disorders. Food Allergies are of these categories of disorders.

Particularly when you approach these Alternative Health Service Practitioners or Clinics, they will study your problem first with individual care. This gets high importance in the case of food allergies caused by various and different food items. Then you will be given treatment and therapies to strengthen your immune system for tolerating those food items. ( is the best place to find out who is the Medical Practitioner or Clinic available nearer to your home, wherever it is in the world, by systematic and easy search.