Ananthasana or Anantha Sayanasana

Excellent Benefits Of Doing Anantha Sayanasana for Vericose Veins!!

Yoga is an important and unique practice that helps people to achieve harmony, strength and awareness in their body and mind. The yoga poses allows people to obtain a healthier lifestyle and peaceful mind. Along with this, it also aids in improving health, healing pains and aches, etc. Many scientific studies proves that yoga not only prevent disease, but also help people to obtain better pain relief. The most obvious and major benefit of these yoga practices is improved flexibility.

Pranayam refers to the deep breathing activities. It offers several benefits, including relaxation, weight loss and improved muscle tone. Asanas are the yoga poses that are relaxed and comfortable. These superior asanas help people to be aware their mind, environment and body. There are several types of yoga poses, but the Anantha sayanasana gains more recognition among fitness lovers, because of its unbelievable benefits. This yoga pose is known by several other names such as Couch Pose of Vishnu, Side-Reclining Leg Lift or Eternal One’s Pose. Apart from several physical merits that it provides, Anantha sayanasana also helps people to get relief from mental stress. This asana aids in minimizing stress-related disarrays such as depression and fatigue.


Anantha sayanasana appears simple, but it really gives flexibility, delicately honed balance and strength in order to retain calm and softness in your pose.

  • You can lie down on the carpet on the left side and steady your position by properly pressing your heels and outer portion of your left foot into the mat.
  • Raise the right arm completely straight out down the floor and over your head directly. The right arm must be at a ninety degree angle to the body.
  • Lift the head of your floor and support it along with palm of left arm.
  • Rest your right arm of an exact side of your body and keep the balance
  • After that, you can bend the right leg at your knee, reach towards big toe and acquire it with your thumb and 1st two fingers of your right hand
  • You can hold this excellent position and carefully maintain balance
  • You can proceed by properly inhaling as well as stretching your right leg towards the ceiling. In any instance, if you face any difficulties while extending your leg completely, you can hold your foot by using a belt.
  • Now, you can hold this exact position for some breaths and release slowly
  • Repeat these same procedures of your side-reclining leg lift step for another side of the body and maintain the position for a similar amount of time.

This is really easy to do, so beginners may utilize the support for excellent balance while doing this pose. Most importantly, beginners can wedge a huge pillow or bolster against their back for excellent body balance while performing this pose.

Breathing Activities During Anantha sayanasana Asana:

Breath-out as you pull your leg towards you, and breath-out as you stretch your leg towards ceiling.


Anantha sayanasana is one of the most useful asanas that aids you in stretching the muscles of your side torso and back. If you want to obtain the benefits, you can perform for asana and maintain the balance for a few minutes.


The Anantha sayanasana is an excellent yoga pose that bring you lots of health benefits. Here are the major advantages of Anantha Sayanasana as follows:

  • Anantha sayanasana helps in toning your abdominal muscles.
  • Strengthens and stretches the two sides of your torso.
  • Anantha sayanasana also improves the flexibility of your muscles and spine in your legs.
  • Hamstrings are strengthened and stretched, which increases its efficiency.
  • Minimizes the obesity level of your thighs and hips through stretching action.
  • Promotes excellent blood circulation in your leg muscles.
  • Smoothens varicose veins.
  • Helps people to prevent issues like hernia by properly toning muscles.
  • The asana helps in increasing the overall body balance.
  • The 1st chakra is effectively stimulated with this yoga pose and thus you activate your root energy.
  • Like nearly every balancing pose, children enjoy it greatly.


If you already have neck or hip pain, consult the yoga teacher and a doctor whether do this yoga pose.

Complimenting asana

You need to do some preparatory poses such as Supta Padangusthasana, Parighasana and Utthita Trikonasana, before doing this Anantha sayanasana. The regular practice of Anantha sayasana trains you to perform the follow-up pose, known as Adho Mukha Svanasana.