Superior Tips To Perform Chakrasana And Get More Flexibility!!

Doing yoga is an excellent way to obtain multiple health benefits and peaceful mind. The yoga poses help people to become fit, improve flexibility, build muscle strength, perfects posture, protects spine and more. These amazing health benefits encourage people to do yoga regularly. There are many yoga poses or asanas available, but Chakrasana gained more recognition among people because of its surprising health benefits. Chakrasana is also called Urdva Dhanurasana. Chakrasana is one of the excellent backward bending asanas that helps yoga practitioners gain greater flexibility. The Sanskrit meaning of Chakra is Wheel. In this yoga pose, the last position looks similar to wheel, therefore the name. This asana brings more flexibility to your spine. In gymnastics and acrobatics, this position is known as back bridge.

Perfect guidelines to do Chakrasana:

  • Lie down on the back with two hands on your side.
  • Bend the knees and bring the heels near to your buttocks as much as possible. Your heels should be about one foot apart.
  • Now, raise your hands and bring them back to the side of your ears. You can place your palms on floor with fingers pointing towards shoulders.
  • Lift body up by using proper support of your feet as well as palms.
  • You can slightly rotate your head, so that the gaze is truly towards your floor.
  • Stretch your shoulder and thighs. In the last position, the body looks similar to the arch, almost similar to a wheel.
  • You can maintain this pose, based on your individual capacity
  • In order to release this position, you can lower the body till it safely touches the ground. You can straighten your two legs. Your hands can go reverse to the normal position to its sides.
  • This yoga pose should be followed by the forward bending positions in order to counteract any pressure due to your back bend.

Breathing Activities During Chakrasana Asana:

Breath-in as raise your body in to Chakrasana position, breath-out as you are coming down and bend your legs and arms slowly, bend the chin towards your chest, as well as gently release your shoulders, waist, buttocks and head onto ground. Finally, you can breathe and relax normally.


You can maintain this Chakrasana pose for 30 seconds to 3 minute as per your individual requirements or capacity.

Benefits of Chakrasana:

  • Chakrasana pose can strengthens your back muscles and tones the adrenals
  • It helps your kidneys and front portion of your body is entirely being stretched, which is important for individual who are completely introverts as the frankness in their heart may function on the heart chakra.
  • This pose brings some pressure on your internal organs of abdomen due to a great stretch at upper portion of your abdomen muscles and thus improving the efficiency.
  • It helps you to strengthen the muscles of your legs
  • This yoga pose is highly beneficial for individuals who sit more time in front of computers or desk
  • It aids in strengthening and toning the overall back muscles
  • This yoga pose strengthen your pancreas, kidneys and liver
  • This asana strengthens the entire muscles of your feet and hands
  • It increases the elasticity of your spinal cord
  • Chakrasana is good for your heart
  • It strengthens your vertebral column as well as enhances its oxygen in-take capacity
  • This yoga pose is highly beneficial for your nervous systems, glandular and cardiovascular health
  • Prevents the respiratory disorders & relieves stiffness of back, thoracic cage, shoulder and joints
  • The yoga pose is recommended for individuals who are suffering from respiratory or digestive disorders
  • This asana is really helpful in treating asthma, obesity, diabetes, and constipation
  • It has lots of positive impact on your hormonal secretions


  • Most importantly, this yoga pose should be completely avoided by individual who suffer from the high blood pressure, cardiac ailments, vertigo and cardiac ailments and who have recently undergone surgeries.
  • Individuals who are suffering from critical spinal column ailments, like lumbar spondylitis and cervical should completely avoid this pose.
  • It is not recommended for people who suffer from blood pressure, chronic diseases and heart troubles.
  • You avoid this pose if you are suffering from serious hernia.

Complimenting asana:

The preparatory pose of Chakrasana is Ardha Chakrasana. The Chakrasana asana helps you to do some forward bending asana or postures, including paschimottanasana and shavasana.