Health Benefits of Padmasana (Lotus Posture)

In our today’s hectic life-style, we are invariably caught by mental stress, tension, confusion and loss of peace. Yogasanas are best remedies to get back our holistic health, both physically and psychologically. There are numerous Yogasanas. Let us see Padmasana (Lotus Posture) which is the starting point for Yoga Practice daily.

In this posture, you are sitting on the floor on a mat. Your legs are folded, crossed and placed upon the thighs. Your back is straight and spinal-cord upright; arms stretched along with the ankles and knees.

Your joints and ligaments get flexible; hips are open; you can breathe easily. Your mind enjoys calmness; you can focus attention and concentration, which are ideal for meditation. This pose energizes the dormant energy  (Kundalini) and you feel completely energetic and vibrant.

Padmasana helps stimulate the abdomen, pelvis, bladder and spine; arthritis and knee-joint pains can be kept at bay.