Ardha Chakarasana to Tone Your Tummy!

At present, many fitness lovers understand the importance of yoga, so they want to do it in a safe manner. There are several types of yoga poses available, so you can carefully choose the best one as per your individual requirements. If you want to tone your abdominal area, you can choose Ardha Chkarasana pose. It is an excellent and effective asana, which is otherwise known as half wheel pose. This asana is highly beneficial for relieving your back pain. It also stimulates your abdominal organs and also aids digestion.  The regular practice not only helps you to tone your lower back muscles, but also increase your flexibility. This specialized yoga pose is also called as half wheel pose because it involves bending backwards posing exactly like a half wheel. Additionally, this half wheel pose appears as a precursor for practicing the full wheel pose, which is popularly known as Chakrasana. This highly effective yoga pose does not only bring you some benefits, but also prepares you for the advanced practices.


The Ardha Chkarasan is a highly preferred and useful asana that helps people to obtain a slim look by reducing the size of tummy. This yoga pose is highly recommended for the beginners, because it will prepare them for the further practices in an exclusive manner.

The following provides you with simple-to-follow steps to do this Ardha Chkarasan or half wheel pose:

  • Stand straight keeping your feet and arms together alongside your body
  • Put equal weight on both the feet and balance your body properly
  • Lift the hands and place palms on the buttocks with palm fingers facing the floor
  • While exhaling slowly, push the pelvis gently forward as well as bend the head backwards. The knees and legs should be kept straight and your head up, pushing the chest towards the ceiling.
  • Hold the posture for few seconds
  • While breathing out release the palms from the buttocks, bring down the arms and relax
  • Repeat the posture for three to five times holding this pose for at minimum fifteen seconds

The Ardha Chakarasan pose helps beginners to get prepared for their advanced yoga pose like Chkarasan.

Breathing Activities During Ardha Chkarasan Asana

Breath in while lifting the head up and bending backwards, exhale while coming back to normal state. Keep your breath rhythmic and slow. It is one of the simplest techniques to perform this asana in a proper manner.


The Ardha Chkarasan is an essential and useful yoga pose that helps people to obtain lots of health benefits. In order to obtain this benefit, you can remain in this Ardha Chakrasana or Half-Wheel Pose for 20 seconds minimum. You can also do this posture twice.


Ardha Chkarasan offers lots of unbelievable and surprising health benefits. It includes:

  • It stimulates your abdominal organs and also aids in the digestion
  • Ardha Chkarasan pose tones the abdominal muscles, minimizes the flab in your waist
  • This asana helps you to alleviate your upper back pain or other issues.
  • When you perform this post, your lung capacity enhances and the respiratory disorders are completely cured. Though, if you face the upper back pain due to your respiratory issues, you can do this Ardha Chakrasana for better relief.
  • Ardha Chkarasan relieves the stress in your shoulders and neck
  • This pose tones your lower back muscles as well as improve the flexibility of your back
  • The Ardha Chkarasan regulates your blood pressure and improves your heart function
  • This yoga pose stimulates your fallopian tubes and ovaries and though addresses the menstrual disorders
  • It also aids in curing the uterus problems
  • This pose is really good for your spondylitis


If you are suffering from duodenal or peptic ulcers and hernia, you can avoid doing Ardha Chkarasan. Individuals with severe hip or spinal problems should keep away from the yoga pose. The pregnant ladies should also completely avoid doing this asana.

Complimenting Asana

Paschimottasana, Padahastasana.

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