A Beginners’ Guide to Meditation !!

Meditation is one of the most effective methods of stress reduction. It’s a method of transforming the mind into the right path. Meditation is nothings but a practice in which an individual gets the mind trained to make it realise some benefits or for the mind to make it relaxed and calm. No doubt in the fact that meditation is an art and to get the best benefits out of it,it is important for a beginner to understand various aspects of doing meditation in a fruitful manner.  Here is a beginner’s guide to meditation:


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  1. Sitting style – Sitting style is one of the primary aspects that you must follow to experience your first meditation. At the initial stage try to sit tall and erect. Do not start to meditate at the initial stage. Make yourself feel comfortable to get the benefit of meditation.
  2. Relax – Now you have made your body stiff, to maintain the tallness in it. Meditation is not a heavy task but a natural phenomenon, which most of the creatures do practice, with their natural instincts. So make your body relaxed now. Keeps it easy flowing and let the body feel its existence.
  3. Silence – Silence is essential in meditation, but to be silent you do not need to close all the windows of your meditation room. The external sounds and light are all relative. You can see them and listen to them since you love to hear those. Once you stop your mind to feel those, they will appear before you, and you will make them unseen. Practice that one or two days and you will be able to succeed on to the situations.
  4. Breathe – It is important to control your breath at the time of meditation. As your meditation will go deeper and deeper, you will even forget to breathe. So start practicing the rhythmic breathing, so that breathing follows its own way, while you meditate. Breathe long and steadily and practice Pranayama, so that your lungs and heart can control the air that you take in.
  5. Chant a Mantra – A mantra chanting can be very effective for the starters of meditation practice. Chanting a mantra can nullify the external sounds and it can even make your mind collected to a single place. Thus at the beginning stage choose a mantra to chant. Make it a point that you select a mantra, which you can easily remember.
  6. Remain calm – Now is the final time and you need to be calm and settle your mind. In meditation, the final objective is to make your mind blank. It will not think or feel anything that it feels in other times.
  7. Ending the practice: There is no clear cut duration of meditation. Start with short period of 5 to minutes and with time and practice increase it.
  8. Regularity in Practice: Practice meditation regularly and at least for 5 minutes every day to get the benefit.

Practice above method continuously for 7 days to start realizing the benefits.