Health Benefits of Salabhasana (Locust Posture)!!

By daily practicing Yogasana, you move your body parts and limbs in a prescribed manner, and thus derive maximum benefits by their movements. Yoga as the Living Art, originated from India and preached by saints and sages, is regarded as the perfect solution for living a Healthy Life, physically and psychologically. In the Hatha Yoga of Patanjali, there are certain basic Yogasanas for beginners. Salabhasana (lying down on the floor like a Locust) is one of them.

You are lying upon your belly; put your both hands underneath your pelvis; palms down; raise your legs upwards one by one to the maximum, slowly and easily; and rest your chin upon the floor.

Salabhasana helps strengthen muscles in the lower back and spine; improved flexibility for arms, shoulders, calf-muscles, thighs and hips; internal organs get massaged and digestion improved. Prevents back-pain.