Asthma Relief Through Yoga

The large scale deforestation and growing pollution around the globe have been constantly degrading the quality of air we breathe. As a consequence, the number of people suffering from chronic ailments like asthma has increased significantly. While allopathic medication is used to cure the symptoms of asthma, a large number of people are turning to yoga to get rid of the disease once and for all. Discussed below are some ways in which yoga proves helpful in curing this major respiratory issue that is especially taking a toll on the health and well being of younger generations.

Improve Pulmonary Functions

The breathing exercises that asthma patients are required to perform as a part of the yoga treatment helps in strengthening the functionality of the lungs. This in turn enhances the breathing capability of the patients in a significant manner and when the exercises are performed regularly over a specific time period, they make the lungs strong enough to overcome any issues of breathlessness even in the most adverse environments.

Strengthen Heart And Lung Muscles

Yoga proves extremely effective in strengthening and relaxing the muscles of the lungs and the heart. This helps in cleansing of the air passage while also reducing nerve activity during an attack. The stabilized autonomous nervous system and the reduction in the bottlenecks that hamper breathing during an attack prove extremely beneficial to the patients, who experience lesser breathlessness and anxiety.

Flush Out Mucus 

Accumulation of mucus inside the lungs can also cause much trouble to the patients suffering from asthma. There are quite a few yoga postures that can help flush out this mucus and clear the lungs to enhance the breathing of the patients and improve the exhaling and inhaling process, especially during an attack. This can provide much relief to the patient and also help in curing the ailment in a gradual manner.

Prevent Allergic Reactions

Most asthma patients suffer from an attack when exposed to an allergic environment. However, by practicing pranayama, a well known yoga exercise regularly, patients can gain considerable benefits as the breathing exercise helps in soothing the lining of the bronchial system. This in turn minimizes the irritation and reactions caused due to exposure to external allergens and make the patients feel lot more comfortable.

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