Fibromyalgia Symptoms, Causes, Self-Care !!

Fibromyalgia is a disorder – rather a combination of disorders. This disorder affects the body muscles and tissues and is associated often with muscle pain, unreasonable fatigue, sleep problems and some part of the points or joints of the body felt tender and painful.

What is Fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia is a sort of musculoskeletal condition; with many symptoms combined together, to cause the patient to suffer from body pain, tender joints, sleeplessness and mind-fog etc. The chances of getting this syndrome is 10 times more for women, because of the hormonal changes taking place inside their body, during their lifetime for various reasons, such as – aging, menopause, mental stress, pregnancy etc.

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What are the Symptoms?

The symptoms vary from person to person, but the prominent one among them is muscle pain in various parts of the body. The pains will be acute in the neck, shoulder, back and hips; headache; abdominal pain; dryness in the mouth, eyes and nose; irritable bowels; hypersensitivity to cold or heat; stiffness or numbness in the fingers or feet; restless-sleep; fatigue and tiredness; mental depression or mood disturbances etc.

What causes Fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia being a set of symptoms in varying degrees, the exact cause of catching this syndrome is not found by the Medical Fraternity. They generalize the probable causes, such as hereditary; stress caused by various physical and emotional stressors; and some theories say sudden trauma to the brain or spinal cord can also trigger Fibromyalgia.

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Some experts suggest that a hormone called “Serotonin” a neurochemical transmitter is secreted more in men, rather than women. The deficiency of this mind-calming and anxiety-relieving hormone is capable of triggering Fibromyalgia in aged women. The pain and fatigue cycle in women is attributed by some experts to mild damage to the muscle (microtrauma) in the patients.

Self-Care Options:

Fibromyalgia is a complication of different disorders and symptoms. Therefore, medical experts say that total cure is ruled out, since there is no pin-pointed cause. What best can be done is you can get relieved from the pain and consequential mental stress or sleeplessness, by observing healthy ways of life. Increasing the resistance power of the body can help fight against undue pains and fatigue.

Towards resolving the troubles of Fibromyalgia, you can undertake at home some physical exercises and Yoga Practice. Yoga has excellent mind and body relaxation techniques, and strengthens your resistance power vastly. Another plus factor about Yogasana Practice is it includes Meditation in a relaxed-sitting posture. While doing this Meditation, you achieve calmness and mental peace and this is a great relief for Fibromyalgia patients. This remedy can be practiced at home without any expenses.

It has been found that Fibromyalgia is often associated with magnesium deficiency. In order to increase the intake of magnesium, it is recommended that you take Epsom Salt bath. Epsom is nothing but magnesium sulfate. Take 2 cups of Epsom Salt, mix it in your bathing hot-water, let it soak for 20 minutes and take a bath leisurely after that. You will feel how relaxing it is as your body pains and muscle pains will get reduced.

Neuropathic pain and inflammation are behind Fibromyalgia. Omega-3 fatty acids are best remedies for decreasing these difficulties, and curtail pains in the joints together with stiffness or numbness. Omega-3 acids can be derived by eating fish like wild salmon; tuna; anchovies; sardines and herring etc. You can also take fish oil rich in Omega-3 everyday one to two teaspoons. You will find excellent results.

Apple Cider Vinegar (Mother unpurified original) is very effective in increasing the body’s pH levels, and can reduce inflammation, swelling, joint-pain, headache and gastrointestinal issues. Add 2 tablespoons of Vinegar to a glass of water; mix honey and drink twice a day.

Turmeric is easily available substance. But it has powerful effect with anti-inflammatory properties. Curcumin is the compound in Turmeric, which can relieve pain and stiffness in joints; solve rheumatic problems; and instantly heal any cut-injury or wound, if applied topically. Fibromyalgia patients can add Turmeric powder in their daily cooking; and also mix one teaspoon of turmeric powder in boiled milk and drink it twice daily.

Ginger is recommended for anti-inflammation and pain-relief. You can take Ginger directly or mix it in tea or take in tablet-form. Cayenne Pepper contains a compound by name “Capsaicin” which is a natural pain-reliever and helps proper blood circulation.

When the self-care is not helping out, find a professional who can help with Fibromyalgia at