What are the different techniques used in Naturopathy and why?

The official definition of Naturopathy, as given by British Naturopathic Association is “it is a system of treatment that recognizes the existence of the vital curative force with the body.” Nature is the greatest healer they say.

The cause of diseases in human body is accumulation of morbid matters, unused and unwanted matters. So the treatment is elimination of these matters from human body, and helps the body metabolic system to prevent or drive away these diseases.

With this objective, Naturopathic Medical Service uses –

  • Diet Therapy like Eliminative Diet; Soothing Diet; Constructive Diet etc. By the intake of a proper combination and balanced food, one can purify the body and improve the immune system.
  • Fasting Therapy that is abstaining from taking food and drinks for a particular time. By fasting with mental determination, the body system burns up and excrete accumulated wastes in great measures.
  • Mud Therapy through Mud Pack on body or face; Mud Bath etc. to cure inner as well as outer diseases in the skin etc. When mud-pack is applied over abdomen it helps solve digestive problems; applied over head solves congestive headache etc; applying over the eyes helps to clear conjunctivitis, long sight or short sight etc.
  • Hydrotherapy using different waters of very cold; cold; tepid and warm water; the different temperatures of water are used to communicate heat or abstracting heat from the body as needed.
  • Colon Hydrotherapy to wash out colon or large intestine
  • Body massage therapy to apply pressure in the required measures over body muscles, tissues, ligaments, tendon, joints or skin for mainly improving blood circulation and strengthening the body organs.
  • Acupressure and Acupuncture therapy by pressing needles inside selected points of nerves all over the body
  • Chromo therapy; air therapy; Magnet therapy and so on.

All these Naturopathic treatments are aimed at cleaning and helping the body to fight diseases and cure them through Nature.

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