HariOm Yoga School

Hari Om Yoga School – Showing A New Path Of Physical And Mental Well Being!!

Over the past decade or so, yoga has emerged as a preferred means of attaining complete physical and mental well- being. This art form that originated in India thousands of years ago is being accepted and adapted by the global population to not only live a happy and stress free life, but also to remain fit and healthy. Hari Om Yoga School is a renowned provider of Yoga training in Italy for both learners as well as professionals aspiring to become Yoga teachers.
Rather than focusing on a single style, which is a practice followed by most Yoga training institutions, Hari Om Yoga School adapts an integrated approach towards teaching this art. The expert teachers focus on imparting training not only in the most popular style of Hath Yoga, but also the other styles including Jnan, Bhakti and Karma. This enables the trainees to gain an understanding of the different aspect of this discipline and then choose a most preferred method of practicing and teaching based on their combined knowledge.

What makes Hari Om School stand apart from other Yoga schools is that it does not fail to stress on the spiritual and philosophical aspects of this ancient art while imparting Yoga training. The teachers understand the significance of the attaining co-ordination between the mind, body and the spirit to ensure overall health and well-being of an individual. That is why every yoga training session integrates meditation and mind control practice lessons. This not only ensures greater mental peace for the trainees but also teaches them the art of exercising greater control over their mind and spirit.
Yoga training at Hari Om Yoga School provides a wholesome health solution which without causing any kind of negative effects. Trainees can opt for 200 or 300 hour programs based on their individual needs and preferences.

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