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Allow The Summer Breeze To Take Over Your Kitchen!

When the sky is blue and trees are green with different colors of fruit, you cannot help but wonder how much more summer has in store for you. Summer brings along varieties of food that you can perfectly accommodate in your kitchen and if it gets full, allow your tummies to help you.

With the constant increase in temperature and humidity every summer, it becomes imperative that you keep yourself hydrated and healthy to avoid problems of low blood-pressure and nose-bleeding. Keep yourself cooler in hot summer. Enjoy the beach and the sun with right food in your basket. It is about time to make friends with colorful, juicy vegetables and fruits.

Vydya Health brings to you the list of cool summer food that will be available all summer long:

  1. Coconut water: Coconut water occupies the top spot on your list of beverages for summer. It has the instance power of rehydrating the body. It helps keep the electrolyte balance in the body stable. It helps provide the correct amount of potassium for the healthy functioning of kidneys. One glass of coconut water a day can help improve the function of your whole body. Coconut water is ideal for every age, especially for babies.
  2. Watermelon: Watermelon is 92% water. It helps rejuvenate your spirits and keep the body cool. It is an antioxidant and therefore when purchasing it, do not buy the sliced pieces, purchase the full unsliced watermelon. It consists of Vitamin A, B6, and C. It also has a significant amount of potassium. It has many health benefits such as to help reduce weight, improves eye-sight and boosts the immune system. Eat a slice of this gorgeous fruit every day and worry less about your health. Watermelon is ideal for every age group and old people need it the most to avoid dehydration.
  3. Yogurt (a.k.a. Curd): Yogurt helps keep the body cool and provides a glow to the skin from within. Yogurt can be used as a dip or with fruits added to it, it becomes a delicious desert. Yogurt also helps reduce weight. Eat 2 or 3 cups of yogurt per day to experience the best health benefits such as getting rid of obesity and heart disease. Yogurt is ideal for every age group and women over 51 years can increase the intake as they need more calcium.
  4. Cucumber: Even looking at a cucumber is refreshing. It is crunchy and helps the skin stay healthy. It helps to tackle the summer heat both from the inside and the outside of the body. Toxins are not welcomed with cucumber in your body. It consists of minerals that help keep the skin keep clear such as potassium, magnesium, and silicon. Removes the chances of cancer and provides new life to your eyes. It even freshens your breath. Make it a daily habit of eating it as it is a favorite to people of every age group.
  5. Mint: Mint has a refreshing taste and that is why it finds it place in our food and drinks. It helps in better digestion and eliminates the feeling of nausea and reduces the chances of headaches. It discards pimples, infections, and itchiness from the skin. Mint mixes with any food and beverage and you can have it at any time of the day.
  6. Green veggie: Veggies are better if they are not overcooked because that will drain them of their water content. They are available throughout the year, but summertime is the best to consume them. They can be had with any meal. An excellent choice for everyone.
  7. Onions: Onions help prevent the person from getting sunstroke. Vitamin C in the onion helps improve the immunity system. It has been helping in healing the infections for centuries. Onions are served in veggies, salads, sandwiches and blend well with any food. There is no limit to how much onion one can eat in a day and can be enjoyed by every age group.
  8. Lime water: lime water is the perfect summer drink. It can be had anyway, like with salt or sugar or just with a pinch of black salt or cumin. It has citric acid which helps in the healthy function of enzymes. It helps improves the digestion and keeps the liver healthy, flushing the body of the toxins. Have a glass early morning on an empty stomach or at any time of the day especially when you come after a long hot day.
  9. Iced tea: To avoid burning the tip of your tongue with hot beverages in summer, adopt the cool version of the drinks like tea. Make your own iced tea with mint and lemon and of course the ice cubes and enjoy a glass of it every day. For children make smoothies and milkshakes.
  10. Berries: There are so many colorful berries in summer, which are juicy and delicious. Like strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, blackberry, etc. Berries are high in nutrients and phytochemicals that help keep the cardiovascular diseases at bay. It can be mixed with yogurt and form a delicious desert. Berries are loved by everyone and ideal for everyone.
  11. Salads: With vegetables and fruits in abundance, summertime is the best time to go on a healthy diet. Have a fruit or vegetable salad which will keep your skin healthy and provide an inner glow. It provides the fiber that your body needs. Salads have a place in the list of every age group. One bowl of salad everyday is a step towards a healthy lifestyle.
  12. Nuts: Almonds, walnuts, and cashews help keep the body from catching diseases like skin dryness, eye problems and the disorder in nerves. Nuts should form a part of daily food routine for everyone.

With the list of food that can help you enjoy the summer to its best, there are few foods that you should avoid:

  • Avoid consuming fried food: Fried food will increase your cholesterol level, provoke your skin to break-out and probably have a lot of pimples. With the combination of fried food and heat of the summer, you will likely to suffer from indigestion.
  • Avoid preparing your meal with too much spice, sure it adds taste but it will increase the heat of your body and the rate of metabolism.
  • Enjoy veggies and fruits rather than meat and seafood. Easy on tummy, helps to keep the weight off.
  • Say no to tea and coffee. Too much sugar and caffeine can lead to the dehydration of your body.

Enjoy the fruits and veggies that summer has to offer, and the summer will be an experience that you will be looking forward to every year. Don’t forget to drink lots of water!

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