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Total Health Center at Himalayan Institute – The Perfect Place To Get Holistic Healing Solutions!!

The Himalayan Institute has earned a name for providing holistic treatment solutions by combing western medical practices with the ancient eastern treatment therapies. In keeping with its objective of offering better and more effective treatments, the institute has established the Total Health Centre which offers customized health solutions as per the needs of the population within a specific geographic location.

The Total Health center is manned by well trained staff capable of offering the right guidance and insight to individual patients with respect to their specific healing path. These centers offer a combination of multiple treatment methodologies aimed at enhancing the overall physical and mental well-being of the patients.

These solutions offer the following health benefits to the patients in general.

  • Help to boost their immune system and restore their energy levels
  • Eliminate the negative effects of stress that tend to influence the immunity, well being and overall balance of the patients
  • Help them overcome the side effects of prolonged illness, antibiotic drugs and treatments including surgery and cancer
  • Offer long lasting relief from chronic ailments and pains

Total Heath Centre makes use of a variety of natural treatment methodologies and therapies to restore the health and vitality of the patients.

Some of popular services offered at the center include the following.

Yoga Therapy

This ancient Indian science helps in maintaining physical fitness and agility of the patients through the practice of various postures and the art of controlling the breathing.

Massage Therapies

Massage therapies are considered the best way to gain relief from stress and anxiety. In addition it also helps to rejuvenate the body and make it more vigorous and youthful.


This age old natural medical therapy has been found extremely effective in providing lasting relief from a wide range of ailments and diseases.