Diabetes Relief – Alternative Therapies

Diabetes is the most prevalent disorder in people all over the world. It is not a disease, but only malfunctioning of the human body’s metabolic system. However, it can turn deadly and cause many more harms, if not attended to and treated at the appropriate time.

About Diabetes:

Diabetes is a health-state of the body, where your blood-cells resist insulin supplied by the body. The food-intake is converted into glucose to energize our body and limbs. If this converted energy is not properly spent, they get deposited as fat inside the cells and the glucose level in your sugar goes up.

There are mainly two types of Diabetes – Type 1 diabetes is found in children, ladies and those inherited from the parents, where no insulin is secreted from the pancreas. Type 2 diabetes is most common in 90 to 95% of diabetic patients with sugar-glucose levels being high, at different levels.


Peoples’ lifestyle mostly causes all these physical difficulties and disorders. Mainly improper diet; lack of physical exercise; tension; worries; obesity; nutritional deficiencies; high-saturated food; junk-food consumption; environment imbalances and toxins can aggravate blood-sugar levels, apart from genetic association. The cause of Type-1 and Type-2 diabetes differs from person to person.


The worst factor about diabetes is, the patient does not know about its presence for a long time, especially in Type-2. When the patient feels frequent fatigue, overly hungry; thirsty; dry-mouth; skin being itchy; skin-infections around the genitals; fingers and toes; slow-healing of injuries and wounds; pain or numbness in feet or legs – as early symptoms, they indicate Blood Sugar levels being high.

Serious indicators are vomiting; nausea; frequent urinating making the bowels dry; breathing becomes difficult etc., and when you consult a physician, the very first doubt will be to check your Blood-sugar levels.

Serious repercussions may occur, if your diabetes is not detected and controlled at the proper time, which may lead to damages to central nerves system; respiratory system; reproductive system; cardio-vascular ducts and restricted flow of blood etc.


Allopathic treatments can reduce the severity of the effects of diabetes, and can control Blood Sugar levels. For long term, sustainable relief, consider alternative medical practices like Ayurveda, Naturopathy and Yoga.


The Ayurvedic Medical faculty calls diabetes as “Madumegha” and offers excellent remedies from natural herbs and medicines. Some of the natural substances used by Ayurveda are – Jambhul Powder from jamun core; Gurmar; Bitter Gourd; Bel; Fenugreek; Aluvora; Turmeric; Neem; Triphala and Shilajit etc.

Effective herbal medicines are administered such as – Chandraprabha; Aroygyavardini; Asanad tablets; Shilajit Vati; Trivanga bhasma and Vasant Ksumakar etc. The patient is advised suitable dietary restrictions, according to the nature of the body, status and stage of diabetes etc. Systematic treatments and therapies are undertaken, to eradicate the root-cause of the disorder from your body.


By proper therapies, your body’s self-healing power is triggered and your life-style changes are advised, to get complete cure from diabetes. These therapies include – Diet Therapy: The patient is advised to eat specified food items along with certain juice to regulate blood sugar; Hydrotheraphy: a combination of different therapies like baths, packs as well as warm-water enema are prescribed, to enhance the body’s capacity to use glucose, improve metabolism, cleanse toxins and control levels of blood-sugar; Mud-therapy where mud is applied over some body parts to get dried to eliminate impurities and toxins; this helps to correct imbalances prevalent in digestive system along with endocrinal systems.


There are excellent Yogasanas prescribed in Yoga Sastra to cure diabetes. With a view to improve liver functions, pancreas and digestive systems to cure diabetes, the asanas prescribed are – Vipareeta karani Mudra; Merudantasana; Dhanuraasana; Pavanmuktasana; Pada hastansana; Udha hstottansana; Kati Chakrasan Vajasana; Bhujangasana; Matsyasana; Ardha Matsyandrasana; trikonasana; Paschimottanasa; Surya Namaskar; Vakrasana; Skhshma Vyayamas; Mandukansana and Savasana etc.

The above Yogasanas should be learnt from trained Yoga Masters and practiced daily at home.

All the above Alternative Medical Practices are aimed at eradicating the root-cause of diabetes disorders from the body.

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