Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – Causes, Symptoms and Relief Options!!

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or in short CTS is one of the typical health conditions observed in human hands. In this condition an individual’s median nerve gets compressed at the time of passing right over carpal bones via the passage located at front of wrist. Such condition leads to severe pain in hands and also causesnumbness and tingling. The median nerve is responsible for controlling the movements and feelings of the 3 major fingers excluding the little one.

Symptoms of Carpal tunnel syndrome: Initial symptoms of this issue can be seen in hand and forearm region and may extend till the shoulder zone. Some of the commonly found symptoms of this syndrome include:

  • A feeling of numbness: In hand, forearm, and also in wrist one can experience a feeling of numbness all of sudden.
  • Tingling of fingers or hand: Thumb with index, middle and even ring fingers, may experience Tingling excluding the little finger. The condition is well understood when gripping steering wheel, magazine, phone and also at the time of getting conscious from sleeping state. This condition can be experienced right from wrist till arms.
  • Weakness in the hands: Sudden weakness in the hands may be observed and chances of loosening grip all of a sudden can be noticed in individuals suffering from Carpal tunnel syndrome. The reason can be either numbness in hand and sever weakness in the pinching muscles of the thumbs which are under the direct control of the median nerve.
  • Burning feel: One may experience severe pain and burning feeling in the hands which extends till arm.


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Causes of Carpal tunnel syndrome:The pain which occurs in carpal tunnel is mainly because of excess pressure on wrist as well as on median nerve. This may lead to Inflammation and swellings will happen in the wrist. One of the most common causes responsible for inflammation is some health condition which swells up wrist, and creates obstructions for smooth blood flow. Some commonly known reasons which can be linked up for the occurrence of carpal tunnel syndrome include:

  • Conditions responsible for slowing down the blood flow to arms leading to pain and swelling includes obesity, gout, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, hypothyroidism, and lupus.
  • Movements of wrist and hands on repetitive basis creates tensions for the membranes circling the tendons and leads to swelling
  • For broken or dislocated bones or growth of new bone takes up extra space in the carpal tunnel and leads to creation of pressure on median nerve
  • Long working duration in which hands are used majorly

Relief Options forCarpal Tunnel Syndrome: Methods of treating carpal tunnel syndrome depends on severity of the pain and observed symptoms and also on the level of weakness noticed in the patient.Medical experts also suggest managing the carpal tunnel pain without undergoing surgery if possible.

Nonsurgical methods to treat Carpal Tunnel Syndrome:

  1. Ensure to avoid such position which encourages to extend the wrist beyond limit
  2. Go for a break from a repetitive work for certain period
  3. Apply splints on wrists
  4. Restrict the mobility of the hands or the wrist with crepe bandage and keep the area warm
  5. Keep your hands in an elevated position ( good for pregnant woman and hand fractured patients)
  6. OTC medications for temporary pain relief ( Pregnant and patients with other health issues consult doctor before taking any pain killer)

 Surgical methods to treat Carpal tunnel syndrome:

Doctor will recommend for surgery only when there is severe damage caused to themedian nerve of the patient. The factors which will decide the success rate of the operation include:

  1. Patient age
  2. How long the symptoms noticed?
  3. Diabetes mellitus
  4. Weakness in hand

 Give a careful attention towards the movements of the hands and wrists even after the surgery to avoid returning of the problem. Chances of Carpal tunnel syndrome are more in women as carpal tunnel area is small for women and so they are suggested to take special attention to avoid such problem.

Before considering a surgery, some of the alternative therapies that can be considered for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome are Ayurveda, Acupuncture, Yoga and Chiropractic care:

1) Acupuncture: Specialist in acupuncture makes use of thin needles for inserting in specific body parts. Acupuncture acts towards releasing the blockages and bringing improvements in blood flow in the meridian zone.

2) Acupressure: The concept of acupressure is bit similar to the above one and here in place of needles use of pressure is done to stimulate the flow of blood. The pressure points for this problem are inwrists, hands and forearms

3) Yoga: As per recent studies there are some 11 specific postures in Yoga which can help in increasing the level of strength for different parts of the body in the upper section. People suffering from Carpal tunnel syndrome can consult a good Yoga Therapist.

4) Chiropractic: chiropractic care can bring good relief for people suffering from Carpal tunnel syndrome. Manipulation of both soft tissues and joints of arms as well as spine along with ultrasound of carpal tunnel, and wrist supports for night can help in treating this problem.

5) Consumption of Vitamin B6: As per many medical researchers deficiency of Vitamin B6 is one of the reasons for this problem. Daily intake of vitamin B6 supplement can bring great relief for them.

6) Ayurveda: Ayurvedic care for managing carpal tunnel syndrome provides symptomatic relief from pain, swelling and numbness as well as from the sensation of burning.  Ayurvedic supplementsare also available to reduce swelling of fibrous tissue located in wrist.  Such supplementsreduce inflammation, leading to pain relief, swelling reduction, and elimination of other signs of carpal tunnel syndrome.

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