A Story of Healing and Serendipity!!

Dr. Cailen Wells states, “The most rewarding part of my career is giving back the love that people have lost due their loss of hope through restoring their nerve system back to proper function with Specific Care.”

Why is the upper cervical area (upper neck) so important to health and well-being?

This is essentially the epicenter of your body. The most important area for communication from your brain to your body. Complete loss of that communication can be devastating.  Superman had a severe injury to his upper cervical spine which resulted in a 100% loss of function from that area.  When you have an upper cervical misalignment you are not losing 100% of the function but you may be losing 30%, 50% or more of the function of your body. Unresolved trauma to our body can go undetected and corrected and can develop into ailments later in life.

What makes Upper Cervical Chiropractic care unique compared to other care?

 There are many forms of spinal health care today. Many focus on addressing local joint motion by administering a short, quick thrust to a localized area. Upper Cervical Chiropractors influence the entire spinal columns postural balance by returning the heavy head to a more balanced position on top of the narrow neck.  Without any popping, cracking or twisting of the spine.  It is a gentle, accurate and precise procedure for correcting the spine. With upper cervical care it is not about adjusting someone thousands of times…it is about holding the correction.  Staying in alignment is how a person gets well and stays well.

Who can benefit from Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care?

 Upper Cervical Specific Chiropractic is focused on restoring the function of the entire nervous system. Contrary to common perceptions of chiropractic, our focus is not on the bones of the spine, but rather on the nervous system. This is extremely important to understand because the nervous system controls every organ, cell, muscle and system in the body. Therefore, by restoring nervous system function, many patients have positive health changes throughout their entire body including their immune system, cardiovascular system, respiratory system, musculoskeletal system, to name a few. People who haven’t responded to traditional medical or chiropractic care are great candidates for this care.

Today, many people who seek my help say I am their last resort. They have tried everything and nothing has worked for them. They come to me with headaches, Fibromyalgia, MS, Allergies, Depression, and even Cancer. I see people who have not responded to traditional chiropractic or medical care. I perform upper cervical adjustments on them. It is gentle; there is no forceful pulling, twisting, or jerking motion of your neck. I use Infrared thermography to evaluate their condition, and to determine how well my adjustments are holding. Just as important, the care I give is not based on adjusting my patient every time they come in to be seen.

Our body is capable of healing itself, but when I evaluate the effects of stress on my patients, in many cases I see that their capacity for self- healing may be overwhelmed by the stress in their life. Stress comes in many forms: physical forces, mental and emotional strain, anxiety, trauma, and the abuse of chemical toxicity. We live in a world that is in constant search for the next pill, lotion, or potion that will give us the cure to finding the fountain of youth. I want to change this way of thinking. The body is a self-healing organism; we heal from the inside out, but we live in a world that focuses on an outside in approach.

My mother’s experience taught me first hand at a very young age to stand-up for what I believe in and never give up the fight to deliver your important message. I want my message to be far-reaching and to affect millions of lives. I am often told by my patients that I inspire them, when really it’s my patients who inspire me. They come to me with aches and pains, but what many patients fail to understand is the nerve (nervous?) system controls all parts of their body, and it’s important that this system functions at 100%. Cancer, diabetes, and heart disease are silent killers, and in many cases there are no symptoms until the very end. I want to identify and treat these killers much earlier in your life.

A healthy nervous system is vital for handling the stress we all encounter each day, and it’s essential if we expect a positive outcome when facing the trauma of major surgery. As an upper cervical specialist, I have been trained to identify weaknesses in your body and make adjustments that will help it heal itself.  My life’s journey is to use my expertise so every patience that comes to me can live a longer life free from interference.

Editor’s Note: Dr. Wells coaches Crossfit as well as Pole Vault and is currently booking local speaking engagements. She is always eager to speak for your local networking or support group. You can check out her blog at She also hosts a complimentary class in her office called The Big Idea Class every second Tuesday of each month at 6pm. Email [email protected] or call 678-805-7344 for more information.