Allergies – How Homeopathy helps in improving Immunity?

Allergies to human body system are very common. Allergy is increased or abnormal sensitivity for outside substances entering the body. Our body has its own Immune System, which fights outside attacks consistently and continuously. When the inherent Immune System reacts severely, this reaction is known as “Allergy” and shows many unwanted symptoms causing troubles to the person concerned.

Science has identified many allergic substances, such as air pollutants; animal-infections; food items; medications; bee stings; dust mites or house dust; moulds; and pollens from weeds, grass or trees etc.

Allergy symptoms are varied enormously from itching; dry skin; running nose; to more severe troubles like Hay-fever and Asthma etc. Homeopathy is a stream of Medical Science, which is based on the principle of “substances capable of causing any disorder in healthy persons can be used as medicine, to treat similar disorder in sick-people”.

For strengthening the Immune System of the body, Homeopathic treatment and medicines repair the Immune System and correct the hyperactivity to the allergic substances. After this, the body reacts normally when these allergic substances enter the body anytime again.

Homeopathic Practitioners first assess the individual patient thoroughly, to ascertain the substance that caused the allergy, and prescribe suitable remedies like dieting, changed lifestyle and taking best of best Homeopathic remedies that may include Allium Cepa; Arsenic Album; Natrum Mur and Merc Sol – to relieve allergic problems completely.

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