ADHD – Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a health-problem plaguing mainly children; and over years grows inside with them to become impulsive adults. If you want to know whether there are effective home remedies easily available that can give better solution, visit ( ) where a lot of people get guidance for medical treatments, for various ailments and diseases, including ADHD, and information about the nearest available providers to their respective homes.

What is ADHD?

Children by nature are playful and active. They get fancied instantly by everything and so their attention often gets distracted. But in addition to these natural tendencies of kids, there are millions of kids affected by this behavioral disorder called Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

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The Medical Fraternity has classified them into 3 types, those children with ADHD – namely:

  1. Combined ADHD – meaning these children will be inattentive to what is happening around them; hyperactive without concentrating anything and wavering always; and act impulsively and suddenly.
  2. Hyperactive/Impulsive ADHD: These children will have the disorder of only hyperactive activities and impulsive activities, but pay attention to surroundings mostly.
  3. Inattentive ADHD: Means these kids will be slow in learning and would not concentrate anything deeply. Formerly this disorder was identified as ADD – Attention Deficit Disorder – and this form has been included in ADHD now.

Growing with this disorder in childhood, when the person attains adulthood, he becomes impulsive, indecisive, unorganized, and unable to do time management and always feels tense and nervous.

What are the symptoms to diagnose ADHD?

The symptoms will vary from person to person and again with the age. Commonly recognized symptoms are – inattention in everything they do; hyperactivity in doing wanted and unwanted things, compared to others; and impulsivity to do anything rashly and in an unplanned manner.

While kids with ADHD will have difficulty in focusing attention, run here and there without any purpose; and be restless always and not sitting at one place; the adults will not be attentive to what others say; always careless and make mistakes; forgetfulness, lack of concentration and easy distraction by a sound or events that normal persons ignore etc.

Causes for ADHD:

The biggest irony is the Medical fraternity is yet to pin-point the cause of ADHD in children. The only conclusion arrived so far is that hereditary plays a vital role in genetic disorders, causing the mind and nerves-related health problem prevalent in children. Other than this, various risk factors such as exposure to toxic substances; chemicals; premature birth; usage of alcohol and smoking by pregnant mothers; diet; television-viewing; parenting and even injury to brain and nervous system have been indicated (not proven though) to cause ADHD.

Home Remedies for ADHD:

In Allopathic medicine, ADHD has been classified as nerves-related problem associated with brain. So tranquilizing medications are prescribed often, which are anti-hypertensive or anti-depressants in nature, can be used temporarily in urgent cases.

Many Researches have been conducted on the effectiveness of home remedies that can help the unfortunate mental status of the children with ADHD. Parents can do a lot to help these kids to overcome this deficiency, by spending more time with them one-on-one; taking them outdoors everyday; asking them to mingle with other children in a green park or in a peaceful location nearby; and encourage them to engage in any outdoor activity they relish.

Along with the above, there are effective food-supplements which can bring forth magical effects. Top of them is to give regular doses of Omega-3, which can be cheaply derived from Fish Oil and Cod Liver Oil; Evening Primrose oil; Flaxseed Oil; and Krill Oil.

ADHD children will suffer from digestive problems often. Therefore you should add more probiotic supplement, which is enormously available in pure Apple Cider Vinegar. One to two spoons of this syrup mixed in water and consumed 20 minutes before every meal will be very useful.

The two herbs – Ginseng and Ginkgo Biloba can provide excellent help to the brain – increase the blood-flow and boost the neurotransmitter levels and metabolism inside the brain.

There are other herbs like Gotu Kola to reduce anxiety levels; St. Johns Wort for insomnia or depression; Brahmi to boost the learning power of the brain; Kava Kava as a tranquilizer and to soften angry feelings; and Skullcap to treat restlessness and violent agitation by the affected children.

Remember – the above home remedies for ADHD are easily available, and are inexpensive.

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