Thyroid Issue Types, Precautions and Care Options !!

Our human body is working like a perfect machine. The functioning of the body parts are controlled by the brain and helped by various hormones getting secreted by glands. One of the most important glands is “Thyroid” located in a butter-fly shape, on the front side of the neck below the “Adams Apple”. When this gland functions erratically, people start experiencing different types of symptoms and get into related health problems that affect their daily life.

What are Thyroid Problems?

Due to the malfunctioning of the Thyroid Gland, two types of Thyroid problems occur – 1) Hyperthyroidism meaning abnormal and over-production of the thyroid hormone; and 2) Hypothyroidism which means insufficient production of the hormone. Both are complicated disorders and make the patient suffer from the malfunctioning and improper-secretion of thyroid hormone.

By the over-production of thyroid hormones, the body’s chemical balance gets upset. The normal metabolic functions of the body are disturbed. This condition of over-production of thyroid hormones is identified in the medical circles as “Grave’s Disease” – abnormally over production of hormone; Toxic Adenomas – development of Nodules in the Thyroid gland and starting to secret excess hormones; Subacute thyroiditis – inflammation of the Thyroid gland causing leakage of excess hormones.

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The low and insufficient production of thyroid hormone (Hypothyroidism) leads to lower energy levels of the body, since the body’s energy levels depend upon correct secretion of thyroid hormone every day. The auto-immune disorder, identified as Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis attacks the thyroid tissue and affects the production; surgical removal of Thyroid gland in certain cases may be the cause; and exposure to excessive iodide caused by consumption of certain medications; some X-ray dyes, or Lithium can also cause Hypothyroidism.

Symptoms of an under-active Thyroid gland:

The patient will always feel fatigued, even after sleeping for normal 8 hours. Unusual weight gain will be found along with inability to lose weight. Depressive mood and prevalence of anxiety and restlessness will be there. Woman may suffer irregular periods and connected discomforts like low sex-drive etc. Muscle pain, joint pain, feeling cold even in day-time; excessive hair-loss, brittle nails or dry cracking skin; constipation; swelling in the neck; poor memory or memory loss etc. are some of the symptoms showed by persons affected by Thyroid problems.


According to a study, out of 30 million people suffering from various Thyroid-gland related problems, a sizable portion namely 10 million were women. Particularly during menopause periods, women are prone to become susceptible to Thyroid gland problems.

The worst part is many patients are not even aware that they are plagued by Thyroid-related problem, since the symptoms of fatigue, stress, mental depression etc. are very common nowadays, with present-day hectic life-styles. But if Thyroid imbalance is not detected in time and solved – (yes – Thyroid gland problems are solvable by proper medical care and taking easily available Home Remedies) it may lead to other complications of health, including Thyroid cancer.

Certain preventive suggestions for Thyroid gland malfunction:

The medical fraternity has no definite clues for prevention of Thyroid-imbalance problems. Yet, one may take care of their health by avoiding Cigarette smoking, since smokers are very susceptible for these problems. Another precaution is to ask for Thyroid-cover during X-ray exposure. Don’t take too much of Soy and Soy-products. Similarly fluoride used in tooth-pastes and bathing or rinsing in fluoride-rich water may lead to Thyroid-related problems.

Effective self-care for Thyroid-imbalance:

In our daily life, we can use natural substances which are available easily for solving Thyroid-related problems. As we know Thyroid-related problems do not appear overnight.  Over a period of time, the Thyroid gland which is working normally since birth loses its power, and starts functioning erratically. So the remedial actions would also take some time, to first reduce the impact and then solve the problem in full.

Some of the traditional therapies such as Ayurveda and Naturopathy suggest Coconut Oil is one item that gives best results in Thyroid-gland related problems sufferers. We can use Coconut oil for our regular cooking; this will trigger effective functioning of our body-metabolism and boosts energy. We can also take two teaspoons of Coconut oil mixed in any drink or milk daily in the morning.

Apple Cider Vinegar (un-purified and original) is best, if taken everyday regularly with honey and hot-water in the mornings. Ordinary Ginger sliced in pieces and taken daily; Omega-3 substance in Fish Oil; Guggul resin; daily intake of Evening Primrose oil; B-Vitamin rich food items and even soaking in the morning-Sun for 15 minutes for Vitamin-D can bring forth magical results in relieving Thyroid problems.

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