Bhujangasana for Lower Back Pain Relief!!

There are lots of yoga poses available, but few of them gain more popularity among busy individuals because of its unbelievable fitness results. While speaking about Bhujangasana, it is a highly preferred yoga pose which helps people to obtain ultimate health benefits and slim look. The exact meaning of Bhujang is cobra as well as asana means pose. This asana is a stretching yoga workout of your spine and front torso. Bhujangasana is a last stage when cobra is completely ready to attract its enemy or prey by effectively raising its hood. For this reason, this asana is otherwise known as cobra pose. It is an essential back bending asana that has lots of health benefits that range from head to your feet. This cobra pose is also ideal for individual who want to get quick relief from their back problem.  The Bhujangasana is extremely rejuvenating yoga pose. The yoga workout helps you to gather better attention or focus that creating regeneration of your entire body by creating a highly favorable mental state. Along with this, it also banishes the fatigue in your muscles. In this yoga pose, the lower, upper and middle muscles of your spine are properly massaged. These will increase the flexibility in your spinal column. Additionally, the muscles are gradually and slowly stretched into the last position.


If you want to look slim and healthy, you can do this best and perfect yoga pose. It is important to learn the procedures before doing a particular yoga pose. The useful details help you to get desired results within short time duration. The following steps helps to do the Bhujangasana in an easier manner.

  • You can lie down on your stomach by properly keeping your two legs together. You can make an effective gap of one to two feet between your legs if anyone has backache.
  • You can put the palms beside shoulder and your head should rest on the ground
  • By using inhaling process, you can raise head up to the navel and strive to see your roof.
  • You maintain this position for ten to sixty seconds with inhaling as well as exhaling steadily
  • Slowly come back to your original position with the deep exhalation
  • You can repeat this process for three to five times

Breathing Activities During Bhujangasana

Breath-in while stretching and raising up, hold the breath at the top in the stretched position, breath-out while coming back to normal position.


Start this yoga pose with holding at the top for 5 to 10 seconds. This can be repeated three to five times based on your individual capacity or ability. With the regular practice, the number of proper repetitions will be increased. Once you achieve this task, you can try to increase your time by reducing the repetition numbers. You can increase the time gradually to one minute.


Bhujangasana is one of the highly preferred and useful asana that helps people to obtain huge number of health benefits.

  • Good for kidney: The Cobra pose or asana helps you to compress your kidney, hence removed all the stagnated blood. This process helps in boosting the efficiency of your kidneys.
  • Relieves backache: Bhujangasana is one of the highly effective yoga poses that helps you to increase your flexibility and reduce stiffness form your lower spine. This cobra pose helps you to loosen up your spine, tones up your nerve and remove the impure blood from your back region.
  • Stress buster: It brings an excellent massage to your adrenal gland that produces the adrenaline hormone. It is good to reduce tension and ease stress
  • Good for your digestion: The cobra pose is really an excellent yoga pose which bring an excellent massage to organs of your abdominal region like pancreas, gallbladder, liver and stomach. This process treat lots of digestion related issues such as indigestion and constipation.


The cobra pose is not suitable for individual with critical problems created by spine, hernias, stomach ulcers and more. Cobra pose is restricted for pregnant women. This yoga pose should be performed or practiced with more care for individuals with the stiff backs. It is not recommended for the people with any heart related disease.

Complimenting Asana

The preparatory pose of this cobra pose is Sahajahasta Bhujangasana. The cobra pose not only bring you some benefits, but also prepare you from some follow up yoga poses such as Vakrahasta Bhujangasana, Niralamba Bhujangasana, Shalabhasana, Naukasana and Dhanurasana.