Yoga Center

Know the right Yoga Center for yourself!

When you talk about yoga and would like find a good Yoga Center for your practice, there are some of the special aspects that you are concerned about.

Yoga is considered generally for 2 reasons, one is to keep good health, other is to get better from certain ailments. Yoga care for health issue is more common in certain areas while may be new in certain places. Although people often go there for the physical aspects of yoga like asanas, but it is not uncommon to explore yoga practice to regain good health.

So, first decide the reason for your visit:

If your intention is to just get started with yoga practice, then you might find more places with certified yoga teachers who generally focus on you getting started and get going. 

If you are an advanced yoga practitioner and willing to go for the kundalini yoga or some of the more deeper spiritual practices, then you might be looking to very limited but advanced institutions or ‘ashrams’.

If you are there for the health reasons, there are different sets of yoga centers, which are more geared towards Yoga Therapy, and generally the teachers are certified yoga therapists.

While considering a yoga center for therapeutic purposes, here are some of the things that you wish to consider:

  • Check whether the center is having the certified yoga therapists. Choosing the right yoga therapy center is definitely a challenge and so check whether the right yoga therapists are there for diagnosing, guiding and for the therapy sessions.
  • International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT) is one such organization that certifies Yoga Therapists, it may also be a good place to find a Therapist that is closer to you or one that you are comfortable with.
  • One of the biggest parts of healing with yoga is through the help of asanas and kriyas. It is the power and the therapeutic ability that is known to few. So, go through the profile of the therapist and the referrals and then only decided on the Yoga Therapy center.

Whatever the purpose, whether you are just getting started or to find the next level in your Yoga journey, find some of the best yoga centers at