Anxiety Symptoms, Causes and Help from Regular Yoga Practice with Meditation!

Anxiety is a mental state we all have experienced. But Anxiety Disorder is an illness of the brain, if unattended it becomes a chronic-mental condition. Millions of people suffer from this Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD).

The symptoms of Anxiety Disorder are varied, but most of them are easily identified, when a person has GAD: Restlessness; worrying unnecessarily; always tense; feeling “edgy”; unrealistic view of even common problems; irritability; sweating; difficulty in concentrating; frequent headaches and muscle-tension are easily visible symptoms.

Several scientific studies have been conducted on Anxiety Disorder. Yet pin-pointedly the cause of this Disorder has not been identified, other than generalizing that continued and severe stress can change the brain-cells’ functioning; and in some cases it can be hereditary. Any sudden or significant event can also trigger this Disorder in some people.

Since this is a mind-related nervous problem, tranquilizers to induce sleep is often prescribed as medication. But Yoga with Meditation as part of it helps in getting relief of this mental-problem, for peaceful living.

Regular Yoga Practice learnt from a Yoga Master can activate the body cells, as well as brain cells; streamlines the blood circulation to carry fresh Oxygen to all the body-cells; the Meditation practice which controls the mind and trains it to attain blissful mental peace helps people relieve from Anxiety Disorder.


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