Sinusitis 1-o-1 and Basic Remedies!

Our human body has many wonderful parts of construction to make it work for years without troubles. But the same parts when get infected by outside substances or anti-bodies become the reason for illnesses and troubles. Sinus cavities of the skull located on the face are best examples to cause Sinusitis or Sinus Infection.

What is Sinusitis or Sinus Infection?

Our skull has four pairs of hollow pockets or cavities, filled with air. These cavities make the skull weigh less, and also allow our voice resonated within them, and act as insulation for the entire skull area. The location of these air-pockets called “Sinuses” are – forehead – Frontal Sinuses; behind the cheek bones – Maxillary Sinus; between the eyes – Ethmoid Sinuses and behind the eyes – Sphenoid Sinuses.



Nature has provided these Sinuses with full protection against “intruders” like bacteria and pollutants, or anti-bodies with a thick layer of mucous and tiny hair-cells called “cilla”. These hair-cells are capable of moving inside and outside, either for sending the pollutants to the throat for swallowing, or to the front of the mouth for spitting outside.

When these Sinuses get infected they get inflammation, the immune system reacts to form a thick congestion of mucous along the nasal passage, and makes the nasal area puffy and swollen. All the troubles of pain over the head, temples, breathing difficulty, running nose, and other uncomfortable situations follow, and put the affected person into untold misery.

There are two types of Sinus Infection – namely Acute – which will last for some days and commonly affects people everywhere, occasionally 2, 3 times a year; Chronic Sinus Infection will be a recurring one and will last for weeks together.

What are the symptoms of Sinus Infection?

Side view of young woman blowing nose at home

The Sinus cavities are located in the face and behind the nose and forehead. So the troubles of Sinus Infection will also centre on this area. Pain and pressure on facial muscles on both sides; headache on the temple area – one-side or both; pain behind the upper-teeth, around or under the eyes; cheekbones; fever when the Infection is severe; sore throat; cough with phlegm; running nose and frequent discharge of mucous, and dripping inside the throat etc. are accompanied by Acute Sinusitis.

In the case of Chronic Sinusitis, all the above discomforts will be experienced, and in addition the pain will be much stronger, combined with tooth-ache, sensitivity of teeth, pain when wearing eye glasses and late in the morning etc.

What are the causes of Sinus Infection?

In the case of Acute Sinusitis, the infection of viral bacteria, infection in the respiratory tract, inhaling allergens and pollutants are the usual causes. In respect of Chronic cases these causes will be there, as also other relating illnesses such as AIDs, diabetes and leukemia etc. will make the condition worse.

Natural and Basic Remedies for Sinusitis:

Now that we know about the fact that virus infection is the main-cause of Sinusitis, and most of the people are susceptible to air pollution and environmental pollution nowadays, it should be understood that Sinus Infection can be combated in two ways. First treating the symptoms to get immediate relief from the discomforts caused by Sinusitis; and secondly boosting your Immune System to safe-guard against such infection-oriented disorders.

The main problem will be mucous obstructing the nasal passage; and it causes strain in breathing and results in pain in the nasal-path-connected areas. Steam inhalation is recommended as the first option. Take a bowl of boiling water, mix Turmeric powder or Eucalyptus, cover your body with a thick bedspread and inhale the steam. The medicated steam will clear the nasal path to your welcome-relief, and after 5 minutes of this inhalation you will feel very comfortable. Continue this treatment for few days in the evening.

Turmeric and Ginger root are best for clearing the clogged nasal paths, and bring out phlegm from the chest. Prepare hot-tea with these ingredients and drink for relieving the mucous. Apple Cider Vinegar is strongly recommended for taking with hot-water or tea 3 times daily, to clear congestion and Sinus-pressure. Hot-spices like black-pepper are best to clear the Sinus congestion.

For improving the Immune System take natural food supplements like Cod Liver Oil, Oregano Oil, vegetables and fruits rich in Vitamin C, Broccoli, Garlic, Spinach and Yogurt are popular natural substances in this regard.  Keep the home and surroundings free from pollutants and allergens.

When these common remedies are not helping out, find a good healthcare provider that can help with Sinusitis issues at