1st Tawam International Neurology Conference

1st Tawam International Neurology Conference

The 1st Tawam International Neurology Conference provides an exceptional environment, dedicated to the exchange of the latest scientific research, academic and industry researchers, neurologists, epiletologists, surgeons, nurses, general practitioners and other specialists working in the field of neuroscience from all over the region. Your presence at the conference is an invaluable opportunity to introduce new developments and products to the medical community.

This year, the aim of the 1st TAWAM International Neurology Conference is to provide a highest standard for scientific (clinical & experimental), educational and social exchange between professionals involved in the world of Neuroscience in order to achieve progress in the clinical care of patients. It also aims to build bridges between the umbrella of neuroscience practicing all over the world to easily exchange knowledge and experience.

Scientific Sessions

• Neurovascular Workshop
• EEG Workshop Basics
• Headache Workshop
• Movement Disorder Workshop

• Neurovascular
• Neuroimmunology
• Neuromuscular
• Headache
• Epilepsy
• Cognitive and Behavioral Neurology
• Neuro-Modulating

Contact Information

Name: Eric Fernando
Phone: +971 2658 8717
E-Mail: [email protected]
Website: https://tawaminc.com/