Improve Your Posture While Working from Home

Your Spine Will Thank You: Improve Your Posture While Working from Home

Now that working from home is the norm for many careers and situations, you may be finding yourself in front of another computer screen and another computer chair. It is extremely important to always take care of yourself, both mentally and physically, and making sure your posture and spinal health are where they need to be is a critical part of that equation.

Something to remember: Posture is key

Sitting hunched over a laptop on the kitchen table or even on the living room couch is a quick ticket to back pain. Good posture means your bones and muscles are in alignment and are able to coordinate more efficiently — in other words, you have more energy to spend on other activities. Good posture is also linked to preventing back pain. Having the right office setup — and the right chair — is key to saving your back from the work-from-home aches. Ergonomic tools to have in your arsenal include a chair of the correct height for your frame and a footrest, and great posture (that is, a straight neck and back).

Sitting straight and standing periodically are practices you should follow even at the office, but did you know that taking the time for movement throughout the day is even more important when you work from home? You are probably moving less in general since the distance from your bed to your home office is a lot less than the distance from your bed to your company’s office. Taking short breaks to move around, get some oxygen to your muscles, and step away from your computer are beneficial both mentally and physically.

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Something to schedule: Chiropractor appointment

Getting regular adjustments from a chiropractor found via Vydya Health can be something else to look into when sitting straight and taking exercise breaks aren’t enough. Chiropractors are trained in how to provide the most relief and to let you know when issues need to be addressed. There’s a host of benefits of seeing a chiropractor on a recurring basis. A regular adjustment could also ease inflammation, decrease arthritis symptoms, and can even improve your sleep.

Something to try: Exercises for spinal health

Seniors who want to focus on spinal health can look into low-impact exercises. Be sure to take your own specific needs into account — no sense overdoing it. If you have lower back pain, strengthening activities like spinal extension exercises are a good place to start. These include exercises like arm lifts, hip extension, pelvic lifts, and bridge exercises. For seniors who need to stay indoors to exercise, these kinds of stretches are great, and you can also consider walking at a mall or going for a swim at the local recreation center.

If your back pain is exacerbated by stress, you’ll need to take steps to relieve tension if you’re exercising from home. You can lower stress levels by meditating, using aromatherapy, and taking a hot bath. Another idea is to declutter your home, as clutter can be linked to anxiety. Promote positive thoughts by going room by room and tossing out items you no longer need or use.

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Something for life: Feeling better

Working at home doesn’t have to be uncomfortable, and taking advantage of the available resources to improve posture, get adjustments, and take better care of yourself can be the ticket to all-around better health. All in all, figuring out the best routine — both mentally and physically — is key to maintaining your spinal health well into your senior years.