Experts Meet on Vaccine Research & Development

Vaccine Conference 2021 committee takes pleasure to organize conference on “Experts Meet on Vaccine Research & Development” during October 25-26, 2021, Rome, Italy with a theme “A Global discussion on Emerging Vaccine R & D”. The main highlight of Experts Meet on Vaccine Research & Development is to present the latest research findings, discuss new methodology and treatment approaches, to build and maintain essential networks between researchers and practitioners.

Vaccine Research & Development will be platform to bring new ideas, research, methodologies and strategies encompass the field of vaccines and will include an impressive roster of eminent scientists, plenary speakers, invited speakers, keynote speakers and other participants around the globe to share their discoveries and to meet professionals in their field to foster new connections that enhance business and professional goals. It extends the opportunity to evaluate the emerging technologies and recent updates in oral health care across the globe.

Conference Sessions

Therapeutic Vaccines
Combination & Conjugate Vaccines
Vaccine Adjuvants & Delivery Systems
Immunoresearch & Immunotechnology
Next-Generation Vaccine Delivery Technologies
Innate and Adaptive Immune Responses to Vaccination
Regulatory issues, updates and guidelines
Spirochetal Diseases Vaccine Durability
Vaccine Safety, Monitoring, and Evaluation
Vaccines Efficacy & Clinical Trails
Vaccines for Pregnant Women & Neonates
Pediatric Vaccination
Animal Models & Clinical Trials
New Vaccine Development
Emerging & Re-Emerging Diseases
Vaccines Against Respiratory Pathogens
Infectious & Non-Infectious Diseases
Age-specific Immune Response to Vaccination
Cancer Vaccines & Immunotherapy
DNA & Synthetic Vaccines
HIV Vaccine
Zika Virus Vaccine
Influenza Vaccine
Bacterial Vaccine
RSV, Malaria & TB Vaccines
Veterinary Vaccines
Covid Vaccines
HPV vaccine
Viral Vector & RNA vaccines
Novel vaccines and vaccine products

Contact Information

Name: Tina Rachael
E-Mail: [email protected]
Website: http://www.globalepisteme.org/Conference/vaccines