12th International Conference on Clinical Research & Clinical Trials

12th International Conference on Clinical Research & Clinical Trials

It pleasure and honor to invite everyone from all around the world to the “12th International Conference on Clinical Research & Clinical Trials” in Zurich, Switzerland, on November 28–29, 2022. “The Novel and Contemporary Research in Clinical Research and Clinical Trials” is the conference’s theme. People involved in clinical research, clinical trials, pharmacology, pharmacy practise, clinical pharmacy, pharmacovigilance, and drug safety would have a fantastic opportunity to showcase their research results at Euro Clinical Trials 2022.

Conference Scientific Sessions

Clinical Trails and Innovation
Clinical Data Management
Patient-Centric Clinical Trials
Research and Clinical Trials Ethics
Clinical Research Using Bioinformatics
Clinical Trials in the Future
Clinical and Medical Case Reports
Drug Safety and Pharmacovigilance
Artificial Intelligence in Clinical Trials
Clinical Trials in Cardiology and Neurology
Clinical Trials in Dermatology and Oncology
Adaptive Trial Model
Clinical Data Strategy and Analytics
Clinical Trial Auditing
Oncology Clinical Research
Imaging Research
Post Marketing Surveillance

Contact Information

Name: Nancy Rose
Phone: WhatsApp: +44 1567430002
E-Mail: [email protected]
Website: https://clinicaltrials.pharmaceuticalconferences.com/