12th Annual Congress on Dental Medicine and Orthodontics

12th Annual Congress on Dental Medicine and Orthodontics

We are delighted to extend a cordial welcome to the anticipated “12th Annual Congress on Dental Medicine and Orthodontics” – Dental Medicine Congress 2024. The event is scheduled July 22-23, 2024 in the beautiful city of Rome, Italy. This conference stands as a significant opportunity for the dental community to converge, exchange knowledge, and engage in insightful discussions encompassing the latest trends and advancements in dental research, technology, and practice.

Dental Medicine Congress 2024 aims to bring together distinguished scientists, doctors, researchers, university professors, and students. The program is designed to feature lectures, oral and poster presentations, exhibitions, and more, providing a dynamic platform to share research experiences. Attendees will receive certificates signed by our esteemed world-class organizing committee.

We take pride in presenting an impressive lineup of keynote speakers, quality assistants, and engaging content, making Dental Medicine Congress 2024 an attractive prospect for delegates from universities and institutes. We encourage both individual and group attendance to enhance the collaborative atmosphere of the conference.

Join us at Dental Medicine Congress 2024 to not only enrich your professional knowledge but also to savor the unique charm of the region. The event promises to be an exceptional experience.

Gather a group of at least 5 members and benefit from a 25% discount on the overall registration fee. Don’t miss out on the enticing perks for early bird registration. Save the dates for key deadlines at Dental Medicine Congress 2024.

Conference Scientific Sessions

Dental Nursing and Dental Practice
Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics
Pediatric Dentistry and Gerontology
Tooth Anatomy, Decay and Care
Forensic Dentistry
Dental Caries
Periodontology and Implant Dentistry
Clinical and Medical Case Reports
Dental Biomaterials & Bioengineering
Dental Education and Research
Prosthodontics And Implantology
Conservative Dentistry
Dental Implants and Dentures
Advanced Dental Research
Dental Instruments and Dental Marketing
Oral Cancer Research
Laser Dentistry
Public Health Dentistry
Orofacial and Dentistry Cosmetics


Contact Information

Name: Sophia Jane
Phone: +44 1432598387
E-Mail: [email protected]
Website: https://dentalmedicine.dentalcongress.com/