Health Benefits of Sarvangasana (All Limbs Posture)

Your body muscles should be flexible by physical exercises, so that they are full of energy and vibration. Yogasana practice is ideal for this. Here is one Yogasana that engages almost all your limbs – Sarvangasana – and re-energizes them all. It is therefore praised as Queen of All Asanas:

Lie down on the floor; slowly raise both legs 90 degrees to the floor; support your buttocks with hands and keep the whole body resting on your neck, shoulders and head. This way you keep your body topsy-turvy from its original position, kept all day long.

Blood is rushing to your head, neck, shoulders; brain gets lots of oxygen and all the body parts get rejuvenated; thyroid glands; sex glands, uterus and prostrate glands get revitalized; asthma patients get relief; the pull of gravity from the lower parts of the body eased up; and the scalp and skin including the nerves system – everything gets benefited.