7th World Congress on Public Health and Nutrition

Welcome to the 7th World Congress Public Health and Nutrition. It is a one-of-a-kind event showcasing the many facets and diversity of public health and nutrition. Public Health and Nutrition will be held in London, UK during April 25-26, 2022. Over 200 public health professionals, nurses and healthcare experts are expected to attend the conference.

Public Health and Nutrition will provide a wonderful forum for you to refresh your knowledge base and explore the innovations in public health and nutrition. The Conference will strive to offer plenty of networking opportunities, providing you with the opportunity to meet and interact with the leading scientists and researchers, friends and colleagues as well as sponsors and exhibitors.

Conference Sessions

Epidemiology & Public Health
Digital Healthcare & Women’s Health
Diabetes & Public Health
Nutritional Health & Epidemiology
E-Health & m-Heath
Food Science & Nutrition
Medical Ethics & Fitness Guidelines
Oncology & Public Health
Healthcare Nursing
Mental Health & Mental Disorders
Infectious Disease Epidemiology
Cardiovascular Epidemiology
Maternal, Infant & Child Health
Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Reproductive, Perinatal & Pediatric Epidemiology
Social Determinants of Health
Globalization, Occupational Safety & Health
Modern Public Health Practice
Obesity & Health Disorders
Neuro Informatics & Public Health

Contact Information

Name: Keira Wilson
E-Mail: [email protected]
Website: https://publichealth.healthconferences.org/