2nd Euro Depression and Psychiatry Conference

2nd Euro Depression and Psychiatry Conference

2nd Euro Depression and Psychiatry Conference (Hybrid) will provide the psychiatrist and scientists to present their latest research works in the areas of depression and anxiety. It aims to nourish the discussion among researchers and key investigators from multiple disciplines of psychiatry & neuroscience areas to place depression research in the larger context and ideally advance new discoveries.

Conference Scientific Sessions

Clinical Depression
Depression, Anxiety and Stress
Depression, Anger and Addiction Recovery
Depression in Childhood and Adolescence
Depression and Alcohol
Chronic Illness and Mental Health
Depression and Public Health
Epidemiology of Mood Disorders
Counseling and Antidepressant Medication
Mental Illness and Rehabilitation
Fight against Depression

Get Ready to Network…

. With fellow researchers, potential co-investigators and mentors in your fields
. Your findings with global mental health and psychiatry community and faculty, face-to-face in Barcelona and online around the world
. With multinational connections with all sub-specialty professionals
. Through keeping your work, your team and your institution in the spotlight
. Best Presentation, YRF and Poster Awards

Target Audience

. Psychiatrists
. Clinical Psychologists
. Psychopharmacologists
. Mental Health Professionals
. Neuropsychiatrists
. Neurophysiologists
. Counselors and Social Workers
. Healthcare Professionals in the Behavioral Sciences

Contact Information

Name: Katherine Read
Phone: +1 302-396-6954
E-Mail: [email protected]
Website: https://depression.plenareno.com/