Preventing Healthcare Associated Infections

Preventing Healthcare Associated Infections


Mar 2, 2023    
6:00 PM - 7:30 PM

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Healthcare-associated infections (HAI), or hospital-acquired infections, add significant burden to healthcare systems already under great pressure. It is estimated that two million hospital bed days are lost to HAI annually, costing the care providers more than $1 billion, a staggering figure amidst escalating expenses. That is not to mention longer hospital stays and larger bills for patients as well.

The key to reducing HAI lies in effective infection control around every part of the hospital environment. This includes adopting the right care and handling practices, as well as adopting the right hospital equipment and devices that support infection control – from thermometers, stethoscopes to blood pressure cuffs, which may harbour organisms and cause cross-contamination.

At this webinar, find out the consequences on healthcare providers if HAIs are left unchecked. Also, you will hear from hospital leaders and healthcare experts on best practices in infection control, including:

  • Best practices in managing patient beds and equipment to reduce risk of infection – such as wipe-down protocol and regular inspection routine
  • Adoption of technology and innovative medical applications and systems that minimise risk of infection – such as replacement tubes that minimise interaction between open wounds and devices, smart beds adoption, smart connectivity solutions etc.
  • The role of disposable and single-use technology, and addressing concerns on the impact of such technology on the environment

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Name: Eu Yan Jun
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