5th International Conference on Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

5th International Conference on Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

We cordially invite you to the “5th International Conference on Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation” during May 22-24, 2023, at London, UK. Focuses on gathering and circulation of information among the different partners in the field on actual medication incorporating individual with actual handicap, guardians for people with actual incapacity, wellbeing experts, directors and strategy producers, specialists, researchers, physiatrists, specialists, labs, and businesses fabricating gadgets to help genuinely disabled people.

The overall purpose of Physical Medicine Conference 2023 is to advance global research on Physical Therapy, Rehabilitation, and Physiotherapy, with a focus on cross-national scientific research exchange and collaboration. Physical Medicine 2023 Conference will centre on inventive advances, various types of recovery approaches, biosciences in recovery, various recovery exercises, imaging in recovery, and so on. This gathering will include intriguing legal lectures and prominent topic area experts who will provide a global forum for discussion of current and future challenges in physical medicine and rehabilitation.

The Physical Medicine conference 2023 also intends to provide its attendees with engaging feature addresses, corresponding banner and oral presentation, eye – catching exhibits, expensive sponsorship opportunities, and media coordinated efforts and affiliations.

Conference Scientific Sessions

Physical Medicine
Cardiovascular rehabilitation
Surgical Rehabilitation
Stroke Rehabilitation
Speech Therapy
Neurological rehabilitation
Geriatric Rehabilitation
Psychological rehabilitation
Cancer rehabilitation
Pediatric Rehabilitation Medicine
Traumatic brain injury
Therapeutic Massage
Neuromuscular medicine
Occupational Therapists
Orthopedic Rehabilitation
Drug Rehabilitation
Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation
Pain Medicine & Sports injury
Rehabilitation Nursing
Covid-19 & Post-Acute Rehabilitation

Contact Information

Name: Ella James
Phone: WhatsApp: +44 7537 171 400
E-Mail: [email protected]
Website: https://physicalmedicine.pulsusconference.com/