International Conference on Neurologists


Sep 18, 2020 - Sep 19, 2020    
9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

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Neurologists Meet is a leading conference dedicated to the field of Neuroscience. With the coordination of the International Organizing Committee Members, ME Conferences is gratified to framework its upcoming meeting on “International conference on Neurologists” which is scheduled to be held during September 18-19, 2020 in Dubai, UAE. The conference enlightens on theme “Reshaping the future outbreaks in Neurology and Brain Disorders”. This Neurologists Meet 2020 showcases the facts and diversities in the field of neurology. This conference deals about the neurology, neural disorders, spinal disorders and treatments. This is a great opportunity for the learners to learn new things which enhances knowledge. Neurologists Meet 2020 gives you a perfect platform to showcase your researches in neurology and neuroscience and also for sharing and developing innovative ideas on the latest developments and trends in the field of neurology for treatment of various Neurological disorders which helps to enhance public health and well-being.

Conference Sessions

Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Diseases
Cognitive Neuroscience and Psychology
Neuroplasticity & Neurorehabilitation
Neuroimaging and Radiology
Neurology & Neurosurgery
Paediatric Neurology
Clinical Neurology and Neuropsychiatry
Psychiatry and Mental Health
Nursing Care in Neurology
Neurotherapeutics, Diagnostics and Case Studies
Neural Engineering
Neuro Marketing Strategies
Neurological Disorders and Stroke
Brain Injury and Behavioural Neuroscience
Ophthalmology and Visual Neuroscience

Contact Information

Name: Aviana Joseph
Phone: +44-7723584478
E-Mail: [email protected]
Website: https://neurologists.neurologyconference.com/