16th World Conference on Infectious Diseases, Prevention and Control

With the coordination of organizing committee, 16th World Conference on Infectious Diseases, Prevention and Control is scheduled for May 17-18, 2021 at Osaka, Japan. The conference mainly focuses on the theme “Future challenges for a disease free life”. It gives useful proof based methodologies to connect with the workforce and reduce the spread of intense healthcare-associated infections. It assembles the specialists in infectious diseases, pathology, microbiology, surgeons, immunology and pioneers both from the academic network and industry over the globe.

Infectious Diseases Conference 2021 will be a great platform for exchanging new ideas, knowledge and research. It’s a two-day event which will grab the attendee’s attention to explore in field of infectious diseases prevention & control, immunology and vaccine research. This gathering will provide networking sessions for Healthcare Professionals, Nurses, Scientists, Professors, Business Assistants, Students, and individuals from all Infectious Diseases Associations and Universities.

Conference Sessions

Infectious Diseases Prevention & Control
Bacterial, Viral, Fungal Infections
Coronavirus, MERS & SARS
Pediatric Infectious Diseases
STD (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) and Control
Food Borne & Water Borne Infections
Emerging Infectious Diseases & Recent Outbreaks
Infection Control & Public Awareness
Drug Interaction in Infectious Diseases
Infectious Diseases and Vaccines
Infectious Diseases caused by Influenza virus
Respiratory and Blood Infections
Pathology and Microbiology
Epidemiology and Public Health


Contact Information

Name: Caroline
Phone: +44 2039369064
E-Mail: [email protected]
Website: https://infectious-diseases.conferenceseries.com/