2nd CME Cardiologists Conference (CARDIO2024)

2nd CME Cardiologists Conference (CARDIO2024)

2nd CME Cardiologists Conference (Hybrid), taking place in Dubai, UAE on April 29-30, 2024, is one of the Cardiologists premier conference covering the fields of cardiology and cardiovascular medicine. The primary purpose of the Cardiologists Conference is to provide the practicing physicians, researchers and heart care team with a concentrated exposure to the latest innovations and skills in cardiology to positively influence patient outcomes.

Target Audience

Cardiothoracic Surgeons
Invasive & Noninvasive Cardiologists
Pediatric Cardiologists
Cardiac Electrophysiologists
Interventional and Nuclear Cardiologists
Anesthesiologists and Vascular Surgeons
Allied Healthcare Professionals
Physicians and Physician Assistants
Nurse Practitioners and Registered Nurses

Conference Scientific Sessions

Clinical Cardiology
Hypertension and Stroke
Heart Arrhythmia and Heart Failure
Pediatric and Geriatric Cardiology
Obesity, Diabetes and Cardiometabolomics
Atherosclerosis and Coronary Artery Disease
Cardiac and Cardiovascular Heart Diseases
Cardiovascular Medicine and Critical Care
Structural and Interventional Cardiology
Cardiac Surgery and Cardiac Nursing
Congenital Heart Disease and Anesthesia
Current Research in Cardiology

Contact Information

Name: Katherine Read
Phone: +1 302-396-6954
E-Mail: [email protected]
Website: https://cardiologists.plenareno.com/