29th International Conference on Cancer Research and Pharmacology


Aug 26, 2020 - Aug 27, 2020    
9:00 AM - 6:00 PM


Chicago, USA
-, Chicago

Event Type

Cancer Summit 2020 is an event which comprises of various keynote presentation, lectures, poster presentation with exhibitions which provide more importance regarding the field of Cancer Research and its implementations. This event is based on the theme of “Exploring the Challenges and Advancements in Cancer Research” where new techniques and technologies in cancer researches are presented by noble Professors, Researchers and Doctors.

This event provides an exclusive platform for young researchers, intern students, training students and every other to boost their ideas and provide them a clear field of knowledge In Cancer Research Activities. This event mainly helps to share the technical knowledge to everyone and fetch all the possible knowledge regarding cancer research activities. This event provides a big platform for doctors, Professors, Research persons, college students, deans and other noble laureates to transform their ideas and topics related to the requirements. Attendees will have a very big platform for interacting with deans, professors, researchers and doctors to gain knowledge in cancer demolishing techniques and others too.

Conference Sessions

Tumour Cell Biology
Organ Specific Cancer
Cancer Diagnosis and Screening
Cancer Biomarkers
Bioinfomatics in Cancer Research
Cancer Genomics
Oncology Nursing
Clinical Trials and Case Reports
Cancer Treatment and Therapies
Cancer Immunology
Cancer Pathology
Drug Discovery and Development
Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics
Clinical Data Management
Pharmacognosy and Ethnomedicine
Advancements in Pharmacology Research

Contact Information

Name: Sterling Hilton
Phone: +44 1543 648045
E-Mail: [email protected]
Website: https://cancer-oncology.pulsusconference.com/