6th Digital Health Conference - KSA Edition

6th Digital Health Conference – KSA Edition


Jun 14, 2023    
9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

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Digital Transformation is making a huge impact on the Healthcare Industry around the Globe. The pandemic demonstrated that healthcare systems cannot remain stagnant and must quickly adapt to evolving needs. The pandemic has changed our outlook towards digital Transformation of Healthcare processes, however the path to achieve successful digital transformation is still far and long.

The Ministry of Health (KSA) is undertaking several efforts to make KSA a leading international destination for sustainable future in smart healthcare, through the renovation of the entire healthcare services, development of research centres and establishment of local and international partnerships.

To complement and support advancement in healthcare Digitization our “6th Digital Health Conference – KSA Edition” will bring to light the Digital Healthcare advancements in the country. Leaders of the Healthcare ecosystem from public and private healthcare organizations from KSA will join us to emphasize on the vital role of digital health in delivering a promising future vision; namely, delivering best-quality integrated and comprehensive healthcare system.

Some of the Conference Sessions

Transforming the Future of Healthcare with Digitization
Accelerate digital transformationand protect patient data
Internet of Things (IOT) & 5G revolutionizing the future of healthcare
Invisalign Digital Treatment Planning to the Cloud, making its robust ClinCheck treatment
Building Healthcare Systems to make Healthcare convenient & hassle free for all
A unified strategy for managing digital identities
Innovating the future of healthcare with AI
Smart Technologies transforming Healthcare
The growing role of AI & Data Analytics in Healthcare
Securing Hospital Systems to safeguard critical patient data
Sustainable future in Healthcare
Humanizing patient care through Technology

Contact Information

Name: Soumya Menon
Phone: [email protected]
E-Mail: +971 565155469
Website: https://digitalhealthmena.com/6th-digital-health-confex-ksa-edition/