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AyurYoga Conference in Cruise

Royal Caribbean / Grandeur of the Seas, Baltimore, MD--. United States of America
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Session IDStart DateEnd Date
682 22 Jun 2019
04:00 PM
27 Jun 2019
07:00 AM

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AyurYoga Conference in Cruise

June 22-27, 2019


#Ayurveda #Yoga #AyurYoga

Join us for our innovative, first-of-its-kind cruise conference “AyurYoga for Radiant Health”. This conference is for anyone interested in Ayurveda or Yoga for healthy living – that includes families, couples, individuals, and groups of friends. We welcome you to participate in and enjoy the 5,000-year-old ancient healing sciences of Ayurveda and Yoga. Ayurveda is made of two words: “Ayu” means “life”, and “Veda” means “knowledge” and “science”. The science and knowledge of life, Ayurveda, and Yoga help maintain, rejuvenate and strengthen the body, mind and soul. Participants will enjoy four conference segments (150 minutes each, for a total of 10 hours), all while cruising over a two-day period.

AyurYoga topics include:

  • Children’s Health
  • Women’s Health
  • Men’s Health, and
  • Family Health

Internationally renowned speakers, presenters, practitioners, researchers, integrative health professionals, Ayurveda and Yoga masters will bring their wealth of knowledge on health and wellness to share with all.