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Sara Jobling Consultancy Limited     


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3 Norwood Court,
Eighton Banks,
Tyne and Wear, NE9 7XF,
United Kingdom

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  • Time: 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM

Business information

Sara Jobling, Founder and Director of YogaWellbeing, is a qualified yoga teacher. Sara teaches several styles of yoga including Iyengar Yoga, a classic and steady paced form of yoga and also a dynamic, flowing form of Flow yoga that has recently become popular as a more energetic form of yoga practice. As a highly qualified and experienced school teacher Sara’s ability to work with children allows her to offer an exciting, safe and original children’s’ yoga experience. The Yoga 4 Schools Programme is the perfect addition to the curriculum for schools, nurseries and community groups. Each session is filled with fun, fitness and great learning opportunities.

During her 28 years of yoga teaching experience Sara has developed a type of yoga using light weights for added resistance.  Yoga Sculpt (TM) is a new yoga experience that combines the best of both yoga and weight training in a single, short workout.
Personal training sessions that help to rejuvenate and restore physical and mental wellbeing are also available. The company has worked with numerous individuals to improve their health, fitness and reduce stress.

For 22 years Sara taught biology and health education. Her understanding of anatomy, physiology and kineisology allow her to bring a unique, effective and beneficial experience to those she works with. For the last six years she has specialized in yoga therapy. One to one yoga therapy is a fantastic therapeutic treatment. After qualifying as a professional yoga therapist in 2011 Sara has very successfully treated many people with back problems, sports injuries, problem pregnancies and a range of other medical conditions.