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For practitioners who serve clients in their office(s) and possibly also contract with freelancers to treat clients in their homes, offers services that enable you to manage your business better.

Being Part Of Offers The Following Advantages:

  • An exceptional online booking engine if your practice does not have one.
  • If you use an old booking system, you have the option to use a new, improved and more efficient mobile online booking system:
  • Create new appointments efficiently among your employees and contractors
  • Shift appointments among your staff as circumstances dictate
  • Accommodate client requests for specific personnel
  • Monitor your business activity as it happens
  • Anticipate and avoid booking problems you can see developing
  • Provide a more efficient way of taking payment for services rendered:
  • Set up discounted appointments as needed
  • Secure, fast mobile online financial transactions
  • Customer treatment and payment histories
  • Keep track of all appointment and associated payments
  • Access a wider net of potential new customers

Promote Your Practice’s Activities, Services And/Or Products To The Vydya Community Including:

  • Events that your practice will be teaching at, participating in or attending
  • A person that adds new expertise to your practice
  • New office locations or contractors to serve new geographic areas
  • Access an additional channel of new appointments from:
  • Travelers that come to your area that need your services
  • People on the go, who want to make and keep appointments on the fly
  • Rush appointments for emergency situations
  • Expansion into new product areas that you can promote:
  • New remedies
  • Source suggestions for healthy food
  • Dietary supplements that promote health and wellness