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Large Service Provider


You may be a large service provide that is:

  • Hospital
    A Hospital
  • Association
    An Association or University with many provider members

Your hospital or association is likely to have your own booking system that you and your staff use.

Being Part Of Offers Large Service Providers The Following Advantages:


Access a wider net of new customers from the online channel:

  • Referrals from existing customers
  • Referrals from similar or affiliated organizations to customers traveling into your area
  • visitors who wish to try the services of a new institution

An advanced and efficient booking and payment processing system:

  • Setup discounted services as needed
  • Secure, fast mobile online financial transactions
  • Customer treatment and payment histories

A central point of accessing information about past bookings that will give insight into a client’s history.


Promotion opportunities for special events such as:

  • Outreach clinics to serve the communities in need
  • Conventions and events that provider representative will attend
  • Discounted classes for many participants

Administrative savings for booking appointments:

  • Mobile booking saves on telephone calls
  • Mobile booking gives customer instant visibility to times and locations that are available
  • Mobile booking enables instant payment, eliminating the in-person payment process after the appointment has been fulfilled

A mobile online booking and payment processing system that may provide a more efficient and capable alternative to existing booking engines that you may already use:


Compete on capabilities:

  • Mobile access
  • Payment processing
  • Ease of navigation

Compete on efficiencies:

  • Fast feature updates
  • Speed of transactions and payment settlements
  • Expansion into new areas of business

Compete by reducing administrative and management costs:

  • No dedicated staff to keep internally generated booking engines up to date and operating efficiently
  • No down-time can help large service providers such as yours find new customers and provide improved customer service. Join with to make the most of your opportunities.