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For Freelancers, who generally work out of their homes or office locations of others, can help improve your professional image and capabilities online. Compete more effectively. Being part of offers the following advantages:

1. An exceptional online booking engine if you do not have one
2. If you already use a booking system, the option to use an improved and more efficient system
3. A more advanced and efficient way of taking payment for services rendered:

  • a. Set prices as needed
  • b. Secure, fast mobile online financial transactions
  • c. Customer visits and payment histories

4. A wider net of potential new customers
5. Visibility to new clients traveling or moving from other geographic areas
6. Competitive advantages of promoting freelancer services and/or products to the community.
7. The ability to tailor your booking system to take into account travel time to and from customer locations
8. Provide new professionalism to your booking and payment processing capabilities
9. Provide real-time updates and notifications of new bookings and cancellations
10. Provides the ability to contact appointments to inform them of any changes that are necessary to meet their needs, and arrange a new booking:

  • a. Product is not in and cannot be provided at the booked time
  • b. Service provider is unexpectedly unavailable – Need to reschedule
  • c. New booking is too far away – Need to reschedule
  • d. Provider can reschedule for the customer, and the customer can check his new/existing booking online.

11. Promote your attendance and participation in any events taking place in your area.